Hi Scott.  Love the blog. 

What do you think about the reveal of the gimmick for Mox v Omega rubber match?  I must say, as an AEW PPV buyer, I was disappointed.  Their first match was a big garbage match, their second match was a straight match.  Am I old fashioned in thinking something like a cage match (to keep Callis and the Goon Brothers from interfering) would have been more logical and frankly less trashy?  Or is that too boring in 2021.  Which way would you have gone? 


It's certainly an odd choice of match and reveal.  I think I would have gone with the best of 3 falls idea that others have floated, like the Austin-HHH match from 2001 where you do one fall as a street fight, one as a straight wrestling match, and then one as a cage match if needed.  That way they each do their own thing and then there's a “neutral” third fall.