The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 08.10.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 08.10.85

Yes, it’s a BONUS RANT, as usually I don’t do a Thursday morning posting on Dynamite days, but I’m on vacation and since we’re basically under stay at home orders, I got nothing else to do with my time but catch up on wrestling. I also reviewed the Yokozuna documentary for Inside the Ropes magazine and that’ll be out a couple of months from now as well.  So Wednesday was a productive day!

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

The Fantastics v. Tommy Pritchard & Pat Rose

This is from the Power Pro Wrestling show one week prior, and right after the entrances, Bill Dundee storms out and bitches to Bobby Fulton about how he’s the one who invented all the ga-ga and ass-shaking stuff, which naturally leads to a confrontation and Fulton smacks him around.  The Fantastics double-team Pritchard’s arm to start, but Tommy escapes with an eyerake and Rose comes in to work on Fulton.  Fulton quickly takes him down with armdrags, but Rose beats him down in the corner.  Fulton gets a snap suplex and it’s back to Rogers as he keeps control of the arm, but then Dundee returns with Dutch Mantel and we get a heel beatdown for the DQ at 3:20.

So back in the present, this sets up…

Superstar Bill Dundee v. Bobby Fulton

I’m not really clear on why they suddenly had Fulton of all people doing a singles feud with Dundee out of nowhere, and how Dundee is supposed to have invented any of the stuff that he’s claiming, but it’s wrestling, what can ya do?  So as set up last week, Dundee again stresses that if Fulton wins, he can have the hot pink entrance gear off Dundee’s back.  What a weird feud.  I mean, I guess it was a thing to give a nothing match some stakes, but it all just came out of nowhere last week.  Bobby works the arm to start and Dundee retreats to the ropes to escape and complains about hair-pulling.  Dundee tries to cheat in order to turn the tide, but Fulton takes him down again with another armdrag and stays on it.  Finally Dundee hits him with a forearm and slugs him down to take over, and that gets two.  Fulton fights back and they have some weird miscommunication in the corner before repeating the spot, and this time the ref is knocked down, which allows Dundee to go off the top with a knee and gets the pin at 4:40.  And then, as a show of sportsmanship, Dundee grabs Fulton’s ring jacket and tears it up, and that triggers a brawl as Tommy Rogers comes out to save the jacket and Dutch Mantel jumps him to set up a tag team match down the line, before Fulton recovers and uses a belt to whip the heels and chase them off.

Last week, Oliver Humperdink debuts Humongous and they kick the shit out of Dick Murdoch in a shocking upset.  So we watch that whole match again, and Murdoch joins us at the desk and talks about how he got beaten up badly, but he’ll be back.

Humongous v. Mark Ragin

Humongous storms the ring and hits Ragin with a press slam, then chokes him out and finishes with the cobra clutch at 0:48.  With Nord the Barbarian and Nightmare already around, this guy was one monster heel too many.

The Nightmare v. Eddie Gilbert

Gilbert is back as a babyface after getting fired by Nightmare weeks ago, and that’s always a weird fit for Eddie.  Gilbert tries to use his speed and gets Nightmare to chase him around the ring before catching him with a dropkick, but Nightmare pounds him down in the corner.  To the bearhug, but Gilbert goes for the mask and Nightmare gets all flustered and releases the hold.  Press slam follows and he chinlocks Gilbert, but Eddie fights back with a forearm out of the corner and slugs away on him.  Gilbert tries for the mask again, so Nightmare throws him off and loads up the mask behind the ref’s back, then headbutts him and finishes with the piledriver at 3:45.  Eddie was a pretty good fired up babyface here, but it wasn’t to last.  THANKFULLY, this show was the end of Nightmare’s run as North American champion.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Carl Stiles

Duggan quickly slams him and finishes with the three point stance at 0:30.  That’s how I like my Duggan matches.

Jerry Grey v. Wendell Cooley

No idea who’s going over here, as Cooley was always kind of on the fringe getting pushed, but…


They break into the match with an update and footage from the Superdome show, as Bill Watts has lost the fall thanks to a masked henchman, so Watts is out for 90 days as per stipulations.  Not sure how effective a retired guy losing a loser leaves town match really is, but Watts certainly didn’t do jobs in the Superdome so that’s pretty surprising.  And in the happiest news from the show, Dick Murdoch beats the Nightmare with a brainbuster to win the North American title.  THANK GOD.  Finally, Dibiase and Williams retain the tag team titles over Jake Roberts & The Barbarian in a cage match when special referee Bob Sweetan turns on Jake thanks to a bribe from Dibiase, and allows the champions to retain.

…and then we return to the match as the middle rope breaks off a corner whip and they have to continue working with only two ropes. Grey works on a top wristlock, but gets caught using the hair and the ref breaks it up.  Cooley makes the comeback as time winds down on the show, hitting a superkick out of the corner and then finishes him with a sunset flip at 5:12.

Good show this week, and thankfully we can all now move on with our lives and forget about Moondog Rex as North American champion once and for all.