Steiners Take 2

Hey Scott–

In your latest Superstars review, you talk about how out of place the Steiners were in 1993 WWF. It got me wondering; is there a time when they would have fit?

Let's say they never go in for their 1993-1994 run. They get tired of the Outsiders' b------- in WCW in 1997, and they jump to Vince in fall of that year. 

Do the Steiners thrive in 1997 WWF, at the dawn of the Attitude Era? Or are they still fish-out-of-water at that point?

They would have been past their prime at that point, but man they would have had some great matches with Owen and Bulldog!  Regardless, I think they were always a square peg in a round hole in the WWF and just didn't work outside of a more athletically-oriented product like WCW traditionally was.