What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – November 25, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are in the booth, calling the 200th and final episode of Smoky Mountain TV from Cumberland, Kentucky.

Opening Contest:  The Wolfman (0-7) beats Ron Davis with an inside cradle at 1:42:

Fans concerned about the health of the promotion are clued in with this first match, a clash between jobbers.  When Kessler hypes the bout as the first chance for the combatants to earn a SMW win, Thatcher jokes that they might go to a time limit draw.  Davis dominates, scoring several near-falls, but he gets caught with an inside cradle out of nowhere so the Wolfman can earn his first televised win.

After the match, the babyface side of the SMW locker room empties to congratulate the Wolfman for winning.

Following a recap of much of last week’s episode, Thatcher interviews Buddy Landel and Butch Cassidy.  Cassidy promises that more surprises away Cornette at Thanksgiving Thunder.  Landel says that things will get crazy tonight in Johnson City.

The video package that aired last week to put over Jos LeDuc and Bob Armstrong airs.

After recapping the extracurricular activities following Terry Gordy’s squash of Ron Davis last week, Thatcher talks with Brad Armstrong.  Armstrong almost forgets the name of his special match with Gordy at Thanksgiving Thunder in a promo that reiterates his desire to regain the SMW Championship.

Chip Kessler interviews Cornette’s Militia.  Sergeant Rock says that she is going to make Wolfman salute her at Thanksgiving Thunder.  Robert Gibson says he is not worried about the THUGS mystery partner for Thanksgiving Thunder.  Cornette says that he is going to chop Butch Cassidy down to size, while Tommy Rich puts over Thanksgiving Thunder as an event that people should want to see.

A recap of Gibson’s altercation with Tracy Smothers on last week’s show airs.

Flash Flanagan (3-0) beats Thrasher (0-1) after a splash off the top rope at 4:14:

If SMW was going to last longer, Flanagan would have been someone to build around as the crowds like his high-flying offense.  In this match, he flattens Thrasher with an Asai moonsault.  Not to be outdone, Thrasher goes on the offensive with a powerslam and super hurricanrana.  Thrasher goes for a superplex, but Flanagan blocks it by knocking his opponent to the canvas and follows up with a splash to stay undefeated in singles competition.  Rating:  **

The Heavenly Bodies & Robert Gibson (w/Jim Cornette & Sergeant Rock) defeat the THUGS & Brad Armstrong when Dr. Tom Prichard pins the Dirty White Boy after using a loaded boot at 11:07:

The first five minutes are a stallfest as Gibson does not want to get in the ring with either of the THUGS.  The heels put Armstrong in peril by kneeing him in the back when he runs the ropes, with the Bodies running through their arsenal of double team moves.  Armstrong uses a clothesline to give Tracy Smothers a hot tag but that is scuttled Gibson rams Smothers into the post on the arena floor.  Terry Gordy also comes out and brawls with Armstrong, taking him out of the match as the fight their way to the locker room.  The Dirty White Boy gets the hot tag and has the match won with a Bucksnort Blaster on Jimmy del Ray.  However, the referee gets tied up in a fight between Smothers and Gibson, allowing Prichard to hit the White Boy with the loaded boot and cover for the win.  This did a good job selling the chaos of a six-man tag.  Rating:  **½

After the bell, the fight continues between the two sides, with Armstrong returning from the dressing room to clear the ring.

Thatcher interviews Armstrong and the THUGS.  Armstrong repeats that he is going to strap Terry Gordy like a zebra and win the SMW Championship at Thanksgiving Thunder.  The Dirty White Boy hypes the THUGS mystery partner in the six-man tag at Thanksgiving Thunder, proclaiming that it is someone that hates Jim Cornette.  A fired-up Tracy Smothers promises that the THUGS will kick Robert Gibson’s ass at the event.

Fans are promised a Thanksgiving Thunder report in the next episode but that would not come to pass.

The Last Word:  This was a good telecast for the promotion to go out on, featuring a preview of a more aerial style of wrestling between Flash Flanagan and Thrasher and a fun six-man tag team main event.  Robert Gibson has the distinction of wrestling in the company’s first and last televised matches as well.  Although this was the last Smoky Mountain television show, the promotion ran two more events as part of Thanksgiving Thunder and both cards had a fan record them.  Therefore, to round out the promotion we will look at those events.

SMW kicked off its Thanksgiving Thunder cards on November 23 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Here are the results of that show, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Knoxville, Tennessee – The Civic Coliseum – November 23, 1995 (1,100):  Flash Flanagan pinned Thrasher…Sergeant Rock beat the Wolfman…Butch Cassidy defeated Jim Cornette via disqualification…Brad Armstrong pinned SMW Champion Terry Gordy in a Badstreet Death match to win the title…Buddy Landel & Bob Armstrong (substituting for Jos LeDuc) beat Tommy Rich and the Punisher when Landel pinned Rich…The Heavenly Bodies & Robert Gibson defeated the THUGS & Ricky Morton via disqualiciation.

Up Next:  Thanksgiving Thunder ’95!