Lex Luger WINS! Summerslam ’93 Edition

Hey Scott,

Not sure if you ever answered this but where do you think WWE would've gone had Lex won the World Title at SummerSlam '93?

Presumably, you'd have Lex would give Yoko a rematch or two or go off with Ludwig in a World Title program.  Then what?


Meanwhile, Yoko would kinda flounder. Maybe he would go into his UT series with less fanfare or … what? Go back to Bret, who just finished his Lawler blowoff? Feud with the still undefeated Tatanka and beat him to get some steam back? Go with Razor?

And Lex would basically be stuck after Borga.  That feud would MAYBE take him to Royal Rumble but there's no way that would main event WM. Does Lex ride the power of the title win to Hogan levels where he can just main event with whoever because the crowd wants to see him?

Oh man, I knew the 93 Superstars would spawn another run of Luger emails.  I can only blame myself.  
Anyway, Luger didn't have Hogan's charisma, talent or crowd connection.  It was never going to happen.  He was probably going to do a house show run with Borga, I'd guess, but by Wrestlemania Vince would be calling up Bret again to stop the bleeding.