Snake and Savage

Hey Scott–

Working my way through old PPVs while on the treadmill, and just finished with “Tuesday in Texas”.

Should the Jake Roberts/Randy Savage feud have had more legs? The TV timeline is Roberts crashes the wedding, Roberts has the cobra bite Randy, Randy gets reinstated, and they have a blink-and-you-miss-it match at the PPV, with an incredibly hot ending where (I think) Jake gets to be the first heel to actually hit Elizabeth (Randy's post-match interview is f------ amazing.)

… and then we pivot quickly to Savage/Flair and Roberts/Undertaker.

I don't know how long of a house show run they got out of it, but it feels like a white-hot feud got wrapped up awfully quick. Should we have gotten more out Randy Savage v. Jake Roberts?

Probably, but keep in mind that the whole thing was set up kind of last minute because of Warrior leaving, and then Savage wasn't really comfortable with Elizabeth getting involved like that and he wanted it ended quickly because her family was going to kill him unless he squashed Roberts.  Plus they had other plans for both guys that they wanted to get on with, so really there wasn't much opportunity to stretch it out longer than it was.  It's too bad, though.