What If?

I realize there’s no way this would ever have actually
happened but it occurred to me so I thought I’d see what you and the blog
thought of it.


To wit: what if Vince had kept on going with Bret’s
singles push in 1988 and he took the Warrior’s path instead? That is, he beats
HTM for the IC Title at The SummerSlam in 1988, goes on to trade the title with
Rude the next year, and gets the main event spot against Hulk Hogan at
WrestleMania VI in Toronto? I know, there’s no way Hogan would have ever put him
over in reality but in the alternative timeline where he might have done it,
what do you think might happen? (I have no idea what Warrior would be doing in
this scenario but if Bret fails on top, maybe the belt could be transitioned to


I don't think it would have worked out for Bret at that point.  He was good but 1988 Bret wasn't ready for the singles push, especially in the babyface role like that.  He really needed that extra year with the Hart Foundation in 1990 to make people WANT the singles push.