New Blood Rising

Do you think it's time for mass exodus of talent from NXT to hit the main roster? I'm not mad at Edge winning the Rumble as it fit into the storyline of his comeback trail. But outside of Daniel Bryan Big E and Keith Lee(who was out for covid reasons), there really weren't any other options to win. 

Now if you flood both shows with some new blood and build them up correctly over the next year, I think next year's Rumble will be better handled with the next best thing

Are you kidding?  All those 45 year olds in the Elimination Chamber matches are just hitting their strides!  With the new “only working once a week” schedules, 40 is the new 20!  Instead of kids living vicariously through larger than life superheroes like in the old days, now it's us old farts watching other aging dads wheeze their way through empty arena matches while Vince dives into a vat of money like a real life Scrooge McDuck and tells employees that there's no bonuses this year because the stock is in a rebuilding phase.  WITHOUT A HINT OF IRONY.