Finger Guns

Hey Scott–

For the most part, I enjoy Kenny Omega's work. As I've said to you before, his quasi-Nick Bockwinkle routine is by leaps and bounds preferable to his “I'm a vague babyface” routine. But every time he does the stupid finger guns, I groan and roll my eyes.

It is such contrived b-------. No matter what great stuff has happened in the match to that point, he does his finger guns and it's like I'm playing “Smackdown: Know Your Role!” on PS2 and somebody just hit R2.

Maybe this has some relevance to his work in Japan, but I'm a wrestling fan who's New Japan understanding is limited to reading the Observer. My biggest exposure to Omega is AEW, and lord knows they don't bother to fill casual fans in with any useful backstory (except Excalibur, who has moments where he desperately tries to help the inside baseball stuff make sense.)

When Cactus Jack would pop off with “Bang Bang!” it was after a prolonged period of kicking the s--- out of his opponent; It was almost like he was in such a worked up state he needed to blow off some steam, and that's how it manifested.

With Kenny, it's a video game taunt. And a pretty lame one.

… thoughts?

You've given the subject WAY more thought than I ever have.  I dunno, I just always thought that it was a thing he did.