USA Championship Wrestling – April 2, 1988

USA! USA! USA! From Knoxville…

Gordon, his black eye, and Ron Fuller introduce the show. Austin Idol makes an early appearance to come and say hello to Gordon and Ron and a bit of mutual backpattery and to talk up the show.

The Interns vs. Johnny and Davey Rich

The Interns were famous heels in the seventies in Memphis, but these won’t be the same guys, just a couple of scrubs in scrubs and masks. Gordon trying to give credibility to the Riches as “they are indeed party animals” is unintentionally hilarious. Johnny starts with #1, who goes for a white mask and white tights, but #2, in green trousers, white singlet and white mask, comes in and Davey joins the match to double dropkick him out. Johnny’s obviously been on blading duty on the house shows given the plaster on his head. No idea who Intern #1 is, but he’s actually in decent shape for a jobber on this show. Not cut, or anything, but at least he looks like he’s been in a gym. The match is fine, but not particularly interesting, so Ron and Gordon discuss and promote as many sponsorships and business deals as they can before Johnny pins #2 with a Thesz press.

USA Video of the Week: Bill Dundee rides his motorcycle on Jerry Jarrett’s property and poses while being intercut with the same shot of him doing a promo multiple times to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. Slightly more butch than a Fabulous Ones video.

Interview: Gordon is joined by Ron Wright, the Dog, the Mongolian Stomper and the Rock ‘n’ Roll RPMs. Ron speaks for his men and then Mike Davis gets cut off mid-sentence when he promises the Party Boys an “RPM hango…”.

Interview: Buddy Fuller promotes the USA School of Wrestling with the promise of mat burns and scuffs for two grand. Surely a dominatrix would be cheaper.

Chuck Singer vs. Buddy Landel

Buddy’s Tennessee heavyweight championship belt looks like it has a big razor blade on it, which at least makes sense for Bud. He attacks quickly and gets the corkscrew elbow in the first minute. He paintbrushes Singer while calling for “Dougie!”. Singer gets a dropkick out of nowhere, but Buddy avoids the next one and gets the knockout punch with the loaded glove for the pinkie finger pin. Budro was a great heel.

Interview: Bill Dundee, Doug Furnas and the Riches come out to promote the “Cyclone Stampede”, which is the Royal Rumble under another name.

Personality Profile: Spelling lesson with Mike Davis and Tommy Lane. How do you spell great? R-P-M. How do you spell useless? R-I-C-H-E-S. Gordon doesn’t really have any response because he was probably spelling it J-D. We then get a highlights video to Winner Takes It All by Sammy Hagar of the RPMs wrestling as well as going to Graceland and getting chucked off the property. That was pretty funny, especially as the security guard was a fat woman with a softball bat.

Craig Brown vs. Hector Guerrero

Brown, as I think I’ve mentioned before, is a big kid. Hector chickenwings him and rams his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Double underhook, with me expecting some Al Snow headbutts, but he suplexes him instead. Belly-to-back suplex, which Eddie pretty much stole motion for motion, and a pump splash off the ropes. Flying burrito, which Gordon won’t lower himself to call as such, finishes for the three-count.

Interview: Buddy and Hector come over to explain the Cyclone Stampede in their own way before declaring themselves men as compared to the Party Boys. Doug Furnas comes under scrutiny next before Gordon cuts Budro off when he starts calling the coaches at his alma mater a bunch of drunks.

Interview: Ron Wright, the Dog and the Stomper return for more words and to show a video the producers have thus far declined to show. It’s from when Ron and the Dog came out to beef with Scott Armstrong before he took it to them until the Stomper turned the tide. Ron offers some commentary over it, including how Scott didn’t have his contact lenses in and accidentally ran into his cane. Plus he got knocked down from running into such a bigger man seeing as he’s a little wimp, and he had to hold him down and tell him to control himself. Not once did he hit him (just choked him out), the gentleman that he is. Ron is the regular highlight of these shows.

Tommy Powers vs. The Mongolian Stomper

Stomper barrels in from the start with Wright and the Dog cheering him on. As good as his stable his, Wright would add some even more madcap ones. Scott makes a sneak attack on the Dog and Wright while Stomper beats on Powers, but Stomper catches him with a stomp. The Bullet comes in to save. Then the Interns of all the people, Doug Furnas, and Buddy Landel, while Ron takes as many goofy bumps on the apron as he can. This was obviously to build a picture of the Cyclone Stampede. Hot action, as Scott and the Bullet were going full speed.

Interview: The Bullet, Scott and Furnas join Gordon at the desk to promote an upcoming tag match against the Stomper and the Dog with Doug backing them up. Scott delivers a line about dynamite coming in small packages, which could definitely come off wrong. Bullet disputes Wright leaving Tennessee because of disgust of the people, instead they ran him out of town, and he’s going to turn his top hat into an accordion. Strong words from Bob Armstrong. Gordon and Ron close the show.

The Bottom Line: Well booked with hot angles and good interviews, but the only problem is that it is such a small roster, so it’ll be interesting to see if they change that up over time. For now, fun show.