Stampede Wrestling – April 28, 1989

Back to Calgary after last week’s trip to Winnipeg.

And away we go!

Hosted by Ed Whalen and Bulldog Bob Brown, who Ed’s not very happy with. Bob pleads ignorance and butters up Ed.

Cuban Commandos vs. Goldie Rogers and Kim Schau

Joined in progress five minutes in with Schau holding an armbar on the decidedly-not Cuban Gerry Morrow. Goldie Rogers tags in and gets thrown to the outside. Weird to see Rogers with blonde hair almost grown out of his scalp, like a negative of a skunk. Ed talks up the arrival of Bad Company, Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond, as the Commandos get a double elbow back in, then reminisces about the glory days of Bruce Hart and Brian Pillman. But forget all that – Teijo Khan is coming soon too! Cuban Assassin goes to an abdominal stretch. Rogers reverses, so Morrow comes off the top rope to break it up. Assassin misses a splash off the second rope, allowing Rogers to tag out. Slams for the Commandos and a dropkick. Legdrop on Assassin gets two. Schau is kinda awkward, but you can tell he was at least trying. He runs into a clothesline, and Assassin gets his neckbreaker to set up Morrow finishing with a splash off the top (and a good one) for the win. Decent match.

Interview: Ed talks to the Commandos after the match. Oh, this’ll be good! Morrow is from Martinique, so French is his native tongue, plus add in the heavy accent. Despite that, he does have a good go at a promo with the right inflections, even if the vocabulary is limited. Assassin brings up all the other tag teams and how they’re pretty boys, but will leave the ring more ugly THAN AN ELEPHANT! Ed: “They learn a little English and you can’t shut ’em up!” – you tell ’em, Ed!

Let’s go back to last week, where Larry Cameron walked out during a Davey Boy Smith interview and accused him of fearing him (“Are you afraid of the dark?!”). Davey Boy is a sissy who’s more interested in showing off his fancy clothes, if you can call them that from the look of them. Davey Boy starts backing off and taking his t-shirt off, and Larry attacks him with it over his head. Well, that was just asking for it. Would’ve been even worse if he got stuck in the back of a car. Kim Schau tries to make the save as Larry beats him with a chain, but it’s Kim Schau, so you know how that’ll go.

Interview: Jim Davies talks to Davey Boy this week about being BUSHWHACKED! Hey, don’t bring Luke and Butch into this, they don’t even work here! Tonight it’s a street fight, which Davey Boy claims to have had many of (spoiler: he hasn’t). He’s going to wait for Cameron to blow up and spike him with a piledriver at the end. Well, it worked for Kody Light… allegedly.

Rhonda Sing vs. Rita Rivera

GIRLS CHAMPIONSHIP! Sing (sic) is a much smaller Bertha Faye, closer to her Monster Ripper look with warpaint and coloured hair. Sing gets a blockbuster slam, although it’s more of a throw back and a drop than Scott Hall’s smoother SOS spot. Rivera has gear not far off looking like the Lightning Kid. She blocks a superplex and gets a solid senton off the top, then a run at her and a rana. Sing gets a Liger Bomb for two, then blocks a victory roll like Owen Hart with the tights held for the win. Damn, that was a shame! Two minutes shown, all great action, but Ed and Bob wanted to move on from it as quickly as possible. I bet the full length match was really good.

Interview: Ricky Rice talks to a guy called Ray Webb in front of a banner for another promotion (can’t work out who) and talks about his jumping and dropkick ability. Ray seems pretty sweet on Ricky. To Lethal Larry Cameron, who Ricky likes to call “Ethel” Larry Cameron (you go, girl!). He broke his neck and laid him up in the hospital for six months, so he’s coming after him for revenge.

Interview: A rebuttal from Larry Cameron courtesy of Bob Brown. He’s set a trap for Davey Boy and is going to knock him out in ten minutes and all the mo-rons out there in Mo-Ron-Land are going to see why he’s lethal. Ricky Rice can wait his turn.

Kerry Brown vs. Ron Ritchie

JIP, with Brown holding a headlock. Bob’s claiming Kerry is his son here, but I always thought they stuck to the fact that they were uncle and nephew. Brown misses a flying elbowdrop to allow Ritchie a comeback. Small package for two. Head down and a kick to the head. Kerry arms up with knuckledusters, but Ritchie backdrops him to the outside. That would appear to be a DQ, but Wayne awards it to Ritchie on account of the attempted use of a foreign object. That was lame, but Bob Brown gets a good rant in about it. Kerry thinks about beating up Wayne for it, but the returning Bruce Hart stops that. Bob comes in and hits Bruce with some change in his hand after dispatching Wayne. Now here comes STU HART, with Ed cutting him off before he can stretch him.

Interview: Ed continues his argument with Bulldog with Kerry claiming there’s a conspiracy against him as it’s been three weeks running. Stu comes back and holds Bob by the throat while Kerry rants about him and Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart and anyone else he can think of. Stu says nothing and just slaps him across the chest. Ed really kicks in with the “GET OUTTA HERE!” through gritted teeth. Great heat, shame it’s on all the senior citizens!

Angel of Death vs. Eddie Watts

Massive size difference, with Eddie tiny and Angel really tall. Dave Sheldon was a weird one for me, because I saw him in the magazines and he had a cool name, cool look, trained alongside the Ultimate Warrior and Sting, cool gimmick with the dark robes, a bit of a goofy sense of humour despite that, but he never really made it as big as he could’ve in my eyes. He finishes quickly with the claw and won’t release it, despite the attempts of the jobbers. Bob Brown pokes the bear by suggesting Ed Whalen and Stu Hart go in there and stop him!

Interview: Jim talks to the Angel. Angel claims he’s had bionic enhancement with a steel tendon inserted in his hand and forearm to make the claw unbreakable. The name of the claw is the Death Wish – see, I told you he was really cool, that’s far better than shit like She Calls It the Rear View.

Interview: Ed speaks to Bruce Hart about the great ovation he got on his comeback tonight, despite his dad having to save him as always. He has it in for the Browns. The director cuts him off to end the boredom.

Johnny Smith and Sumo Hara vs. Chris Benoit and Biff Wellington

Sumo Hara is Koki Kitahara, and I have no shame in saying I’ve never heard of him. JIP, Benoit reverses an Irish whip into the corner on him, allowing Wellington to come in. He gets a legdrop, called a kneedrop by Ed, but Johnny and his mullet break it up, so Biff gives him a dropkick for his trouble. Benoit even has the blue and white Bulldogs boots on now. He ducks a spinning heel kick when he comes back in, but they bang heads. Hara goes to reach a foreign object from Smith, but Benoit sunset flips him for the pinfall, with a surprisingly quick count from Jurgen the German.

Interview: Benoit and Biff challenge the Cuban Commandos in a quickie.

Interview: Johnny Smith, after taking his frustrations out on Hara for bumbling, talks to JD. I wish I could get screenshots because the mullet is something to behold. Grade one on top and the front, shaved an inch over the ears, with about a foot of hair trailing down the back. He continues to vent about getting slapped by the Dynamite Kid last week. Obviously quite a vendetta before the eventual birth of the British Bruisers.

Street Fight! Davey Boy Smith vs. Lethal Larry Cameron

JIP with Davey Boy attempting that threatened piledriver, and it’s a good one as he takes out his frustrations out on him for flirting with Diana before he’s had time to get her home and bugger her himself. He goes to the top, which never works out well, but Johnny Smith comes out to distract him as the half-naked Larry shakes him off and crotches him. Johnny passes him knuckledusters, which he hits Davey Boy with for the three-count. Shit, that was brief again! Doubtless a good match before Ed got to it with his scissors. Larry staggers out as the new North American champion to the strains of what sounds like the Theme from Shaft.

Interview: Ed comes in and blames Johnny Smith, Davey Boy’s own “brother”, for it. Davey Boy calls him in. “Make my day!” Johnny says he was coming out to tell him to hurry up. Larry returns to hit him with the belt and the heels handcuff him while Ed interviews him in the process. The Weasel dances around in the background like the moron he is. Speaking of, Johnny is a great weasel heel, feigning not wanting to attack his own sibling for two seconds before doing that. A shrunken Dynamite Kid comes out to run them off.

Interview: Davey Boy, still in handcuffs, threatens Johnny before breaking them. Dynamite looks like a right sleazeball in his shades, short hair and goatee and missing teeth. He’s coming out of retirement to beat up Johnny.

Interview: Larry Cameron talks to JD about the upcoming house show matches, including that big battle royal in Sicamous. Chris Benoit is going to take his belt in Sickermoose too.

Close: Ed claims a sore throat, but the crowd isn’t readily helping him tonight with the catchphrase except for one girl. I don’t blame them with how much they cut from the show.

The Bottom Line: Really disappointed the full ladies match and street fight weren’t included, but their presence, plus Stu Hart getting rowdy, made the show stick out this week.