NXT UK – February 11, 2021

Date: February 11, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

This week is about revenge as Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews are facing the Hunt, after the monsters attacked them more than once over the last year. That makes for one of the better built feuds around here in a long time and hopefully the match lives up to the hype. Other than that, Meiko Satomura is making her debut in something that is likely to feel a bit more awesome. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at the Hunt, guided by Eddie Dennis, attacking Webster and Andrews but not being able to win the Tag Team Titles. They have taken out their aggression on Webster and Andrews again, setting up tonight’s street fight.

Andrews and Webster have attacked Wild Boar, meaning Dennis will be taking his place.

Opening sequence.

Meiko Satomura vs. Isla Dawn

So Dawn gets to be designated victim #1 of “Japan’s Final Boss/The Best In The World”, which is one heck of a pair of great monikers (ignore the likely Shane McMahon lawsuits). Satomura grabs a headlock to start to take Dawn down as Kay Lee Ray is watching from a distance. Back up and Satomura kicks her down, setting up a wristlock.

Some knees to the ribs don’t have much of an impact though as Dawn snaps off a suplex for two. Dawn goes up but gets superplexed back down, followed by a shot to the face for two more. A quick Saito suplex gives Dawn her own two but Satomura is back with a cartwheel kick to the head. Scorpio Rising (kind of a step up ax kick) finishes Dawn at 5:22.

Rating: C. That’s all it needed to be as Satomura shrugged off everything Dawn threw at her and then won in the end with a cool named finisher. Having Ray out there made sense too as there was no reason to act like Satomura isn’t going straight to the title picture. Great debut here, with Satomura feeling like the star she is supposed to be.

Earlier this week, Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey sat down at the Performance Center. Johnny Saint popped in on a screen to make a match between the two of them at some point in the future.

Video on Dani Luna, who is really strong.

Video on Aoife Valkyrie, who has feathers.

Meiko Satomura is ready for Kay Lee Ray.

It’s time for Supernova Sessions, with Noam Dar talking about how he says he’s great because he knows he’s great. The guest this week is Sha Samuels, who Dar describes as his lifelong friend. Samuels seems to agree but goes into a rant about how NXT UK made him into someone else instead of being himself. After Samuels cuts off Dar from telling a story, Sid Scala comes out to interrupt. Samuels doesn’t think much of him but Dar has a suggestion: Samuels getting a shot at the Heritage Cup. That will be taken under advisement but Dar still can’t tell that story.

Nina Samuels (no relation to Sha….at least I don’t think) accepts Xia Brookside’s challenge for a rematch, but if Xia loses, she is Nina’s assistant for a month.

Video on Trent Seven trying to lose weight to get his Cruiserweight Title shot.

Amale vs. Piper Niven

Niven ax handles her in the chest to start and hits a low crossbody. Cue Joseph Conners for a distraction though and Amale is able to get in a kick to the head. That’s not going to work either though as Niven sends her into the corner for the Cannonball. The Piper Driver finishes at 2:20.

Gallus has signed to defend the Tag Team Titles against Pretty Deadly in two weeks.

Ben Carter is back next week, plus Sha Samuels gets a Heritage Cup shot and Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey.

Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews vs. Primate/Eddie Dennis

Street fight but hold on as the fight has started in the back with the Hunt and Eddie Dennis attacking Webster and Andrews. With Andrews having been crushed by an anvil case, Webster is brought to the ring but says ring the bell anyway. Webster jumps over Primate and sends Dennis outside, where Webster gets whipped by Dennis’ belt. Primate rips at Dennis’ face as they fight up towards the entrance…..and Andrews moonsaults off the set onto all of them.

They wind up back at ringside with Andrews being dropped onto the barricade. Primate adds a diving clothesline and it’s time to head back inside, with all four having a chair. Andrews gets hit in the knee but Webster grabs his helmet to clean house for two on Dennis. Primate is back in to beat on Webster, allowing Dennis to miss a kendo stick to Andrews.

The Stundog Millionaire drops Dennis but Primate gets in a stick shot to Andrews’ bad knee. Webster is down on the floor so Primate sends Andrews knee first into the chair, setting up a leglock from Dennis. The chair to the knee is loaded up but Webster takes it away and starts the big comeback. A sunset bomb plants Primate on the floor and Dennis can’t quite get to one of the weapons. Webster and Andrews can though and it’s a big beatdown with the sticks to the back.

A table is sent in and set up but Andrews dives onto Primate instead, banging up the knee in the process. Webster dives onto Dennis for two with Primate making a save this time. Andrews has to save Webster from being sent through the table but dives into a spear to put him down in a hurry. Primate misses a spear to send himself through the table though, setting up a Swanton and shooting star press to give Andrews and Webster the stereo pins at 16:02.

Rating: B. That’s the kind of brawl they needed to have and it’s great to see a team like Andrews and Morgan have another signature win after they lost the Tag Team Titles. So many teams will lose the belts and then fade away, which seemed to be what was happening with them. This helped a lot and while it would have been better with Wild Boar in there instead, they did what they needed to do and the match worked better than I would have bet on.

Overall Rating: B-. Above all else, this week felt important and that isn’t something you can say around here very often. The main event came off as a big deal and Satomura felt special, which is exactly how they should have gone. Throw in setting up a pretty stacked card for next week and a title match for the week after and this was a rather nice use of an hour. That has been the case more often than not lately around here as NXT UK is becoming one of the more consistent shows around.

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