TK assumes too much

Hi Scott,

I’m a big AEW fan and look forward to Dynamite each week, and what I found enjoyable in the early months was that it was a self-contained, easy to follow show based around good storylines.   However, as time is going on I’m starting to think that Tony Khan is assuming too much (ie assuming that everyone is a wrestling super mega fan like he is).

It started with storylines on Dark that they seemed to assume that we all knew about (eg Allie/Bunny and QT).  Then we get the inclusion of the NWA women’s title (but not the other NWA titles) and it’s assumed that we all know how that fits in.  But it’s now taking over the upper card where it’s assumed that everyone knows about the Bullet Club and NJPW, and more importantly he assumes that the average viewer cares about any of this.

What do you feel about AEW’s recent direction involving NWA, Impact and now NJPW titles and storylines?

The stuff that really annoys me is doing stuff on BTE and then referencing it on Dynamite, which is why I’m glad they redid a couple of the skits from this week’s show on Dynamite and hit the same plot points again.  
As for the bigger picture stuff, I think it’s fine as an extra layer as long as the main story (like the Kenny and Callis deal) makes internal sense.  Everything else is just a bonus layer for people who own a lot of Bullet Club merch.