The Smackdown Six Podcast

Hey Scott,

I recently launched a podcast that I think would be something your readers would really love: The Smackdown Six Podcast. Each week, we cover an episode of Smackdown (or a PPV) from that golden era: Summer 2002 to early 2004. We cover the good, the bad, and we especially talk about the wrestlers of the Smackdown Six, and what they get up to on the shows. we’re currently in October 2002, on the march to No Mercy 2002 and that great tag team title tournament.

It’s on and all podcasting apps. It’s been a lot of fun to re-visit a time that I watched when I was younger, back when I first started eagerly awaiting the Rants on the shows. (This may sound like flattery, and it is, but it’s also true, so I feel like that’s okay.) Hope you and your Blog of Doomers love it!

Well, I hope people enjoy the show, and best of luck to you!