Can-Con WWF shows


Brief history lesson for those south of the 49th Parallel who might not know: we got the regular syndicated WWF shows (Superstars and Challenge), either on the local stations or whatever US stations we picked up.  We also got “Canadian-ized” versions: Maple
Leaf Wrestling, which was a straight-up repackaging of Superstars, and Cavalcade, which was another repackage of one of the US shows.  Both primarily injected their “Can-Con” by having Billy Red Lyons host the “Event Centre” segments, hyping Canadian house
shows (those in the Southern Ontario area where I was watching), with wrestler promos talking up those shows.  Cavalcade also gave the last ten minutes over to a “feature match” typically taken from a Maple Leaf Gardens show.

The question that has recently come to mind is how “nationwide” was this format?  What did you see in your area?  Did you also get the “feature match” bit, but were they taken from Western Canada shows, or did you also get the same Toronto-area matches?

PS. I saw a comment on the blog about Toronto-area shows being shown on TV.  I personally never recalled seeing those shows in my TV listings, or on TSN, so could this person clarify where he saw them?  One of the premium cable channels (First Choice/Superchannel),

OK, so just to provide background once again for those who don't have my life story memorized, I lived in the greater Vancouver region in various small towns there (mostly two cities called Maple Ridge and Mission) for most of my younger life and then moved to Edmonton in 1989, when I was 15.  So much of my early wrestling exposure came from either Maple Leaf Wrestling on the Canadian stations like CTV, or of course Stampede Wrestling and/or Al Tomko's All-Star Wrestling out of Cloverdale.  For the US stations we got, the primary one with wrestling content was KCPQ out of Bellingham, Washington, where we got Superstars (which was identical to Maple Leaf outside of Billy Red and of course the “bonus” match from Toronto) and then on the weekends the station had an epic late night block of wrestling shows, typically featuring Superstars/World Wide Wrestling/Pro Wrestling This Week and then GLOW and/or POWW.  Awesome stuff.  

When I got to Edmonton, TSN moved off the “pay TV” tier it had been on, and thus I was finally able to watch it and the shows therein, like “Pro Wrestling Plus” with Ed Whalen, and TSN's versions of Stampede and the syndicated shows.  I never had opportunity to watch the Toronto shows, so I don't know where they were aired.  

To sum up, yes, Maple Leaf Wrestling was nationwide in the form you described.  The promotional end of the WWF was based out of Toronto, so there was no matches filmed in Western Canada or anything.  It was Toronto or nothing. I believe Cavalcade was aired nationwide as well, but I don't recall it ever airing on channels that I had access to, and further I don't recall ever being exposed to Wrestling Challenge in any form and I have a pretty good memory for that stuff.  It's entirely possible that it aired on channels in the area but we just didn't get those channels.