What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – November 18, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are doing commentary and they are taped from Cumberland, Kentucky.

Opening Contest:  The THUGS (11-5) beat the Headbangers (6-1) when Tracy Smothers pins Mosh with a small package at 5:02:

The THUGS get most of the offense in this run-of-the-mill television tag match, with Smothers trapping Mosh in a small package when the teams brawl following the hot tag.  Rating:  **

The THUGS refuse to tell Thatcher who their partner will be in the six-man tag against the Heavenly Bodies and Robert Gibson at Thanksgiving Thunder.  The Dirty White Boy promises that the man will make an impact.  It is probably not wise of Smothers to give a shout out to Cumberland fans for the second straight week because that lets fans know that the show is not from a new location.

After a long review of Butch Cassidy’s altercations with Jim Cornette, Thatcher interviews Cassidy.  Cassidy has a small present for Cornette, which Cornette comes out and grabs it.  Cornette opens it to reveal a plastic bag.  Cornette is puzzled by the gift, but Cassidy proceeds to jump on Cornette and try to use the bag to choke him out.  While this attempted murder plays out in front of him, Thatcher casually calls the play-by-play until the Punisher makes the save.

A recap of Sergeant Rock’s altercation with the Wolfman last week is played.

Non-Title Match:  Terry Gordy (SMW Champion w/Sergeant Rock) (6-1) pins Ron Davis after a powerbomb at 2:16:

SMW needs more jobbers as Gordy beat Davis two weeks ago.  After a long beating, Gordy flattens Davis with a powerbomb.

After the match, Rock gets in the ring and lays into Davis with a leather strap until the Wolfman makes the save.  That is only temporary, though, as Gordy nails the Wolfman and whips him with the strap until Brad Armstrong makes the save and starts whipping Gordy.

Buddy Landel is interviewed by Kessler as part of the “Kessler’s Korner” segment.  Landel tosses the program to a video package that puts over Jos LeDuc and Bob Armstrong swinging a baseball bat.  Landel warns Tommy Rich and the Punisher that he has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and they are going to find out why.

Thatcher interviews Robert Gibson puts himself over as the star of the Rock N’ Roll Express.  He calls out Tracy Smothers, who is happy to oblige.  Smothers accuses the Express of being jealous of the THUGS success in SMW.  Gibson tries to attack Smothers, but Smothers gets the better of him until Jimmy del Ray and Jim Cornette run into the ring.  After a few moments the Dirty White Boy makes the save.

In the locker room, Tommy Rich, the Punisher, and Cornette cut a promo against Buddy Landel.  Rich openly questions whether Landel can trust Jos LeDuc, telling Landel that Thanksgiving Thunder “will be his demeans.”  Cornette puts over the Rich and Punisher tag team, hyping their match later in the show.

Bobby Blayze & Buddy Landel defeat Tommy Rich & the Punisher (w/Jim Cornette) (1-0) via disqualification when Cornette interferes at 7:50:

Blayze initially teams with Flash Flanagan, who wows the crowd with a flying shoulder block.  However, Flanagan takes himself out three minutes into the match when a blind charge sends him over the top rope and onto the hardwood floor.  That brings Landel out as a substitute, which referee Mark Curtis allows.  The announcers never mention Blayze’s feud with Landel earlier in the year and Blayze does not seem to mind that Landel wants to team with him.  Landel gets the hot tag and traps Rich in the figure-four, but Cornette runs in for the disqualification.  This match was settling into a nice groove before the inconclusive finish.  Rating:  **¼

It does not take long for Butch Cassidy to attack Cornette, which causes Sergeant Rock to run in and attack Cassidy.  The Wolfman makes the save by grabbing Rock, but Cornette hits him with a tennis racquet as the show goes to a commercial break.

Thatcher interviews Buddy Landel, the Wolfman, and Cassidy.  Landel says that Cassidy and the Wolfman will win their matches at Thanksgiving Thunder and he vows the end of Cornette’s Militia at the show.

Tune in next week to see the Heavenly Bodies & Robert Gibson square off against the THUGS & Brad Armstrong!

The Last Word:  There were several decent tag team matches on this show to make it watchable, but the plastic bag angle seemed like something a heel would do rather than having a babyface try to murder Jim Cornette on television.  The Robert Gibson heel turn might read more interesting than it is playing out as Gibson does not feel comfortable playing a bad guy.

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