Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 05-11-1985

Taped from Irving, TX

Airdate: May 11, 1985 (taped 05/05)

Attendance: 26,153

Hosted by Marc Lowrance

How will Kerry fare against Gang? Will Fritz get involved? What will occur during a 12-man match? And who will join me for the first half of this doubleheader?

No, thank you, Marty. I’m glad you and my RSG-ites can reminisce.

Opening montage.

Lowrance introduces Doris Von Erich—matriarch of the Von Erich family, and her children give her a bouquet of yellow roses to honor their late brother.

Match 1: The “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich (w/ Fritz Von Erich) versus the One Man Gang (w/ Gary Hart)


  • This match occurred in ring #2 and had three stipulations:
  1. If Gang won, he would wrestle against Fritz.
  2. If Kerry won, Fritz would shave Hart bald.
  3. Hart was handcuffed to Fritz.
  • Gang walloped him, but Kerry nipped up and dropkicked him.
  • When Kerry gave him a cross corner whip, Gang crashed.
  • Gang rebounded with a bear hug, but Kerry escaped and attempted an Iron claw.
  • As Gang blocked it, Kerry landed a pair of discus punches.
  • He then dropkicked Gang again tying him up in the ropes.
  • After Kerry hooked a sleeper, Gang used momentum to send Kerry face-first into the top turnbuckle.
  • Gang held a head lock, and Fritz and Hart began to lose their composure.
  • While Gang clotheslined Kerry, he got 2.
  • Kerry unloaded another discus punch and applied an Iron claw.
  • Interestingly, Gang purposefully planked and slithered under the bottom rope to escape. Clever!
  • Kerry then slammed the almost 500-pounder, but Hart tripped Kerry. SNEAKY!
  • When Gang rebounded with his own slam, Fritz tripped him coming off the ropes.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Kerry won in 12:15, and the Irving faithful came UNGLUED.

Rating: ***

Summary: Decent story with the Fritz-Hart rivalry at ringside. Kerry’s slam earned the match a * all by itself.

After the match, Sweet Brown Sugar, Brian Adias, and Johnny Mantel arrive to secure Gang for his manager’s haircut. While the Irving faithful chant “bal-die” at Hart, Gang clobbers both Adias and Sugar. Since they can’t control Gang, Kevin storms the ring to assist. The Von Erichs handcuff Gang in the corner, and Fritz supplies Hart with a knee lift to subdue him.

The Von Erichs shave Hart’s head, and Gang unwinds the top turnbuckle to free himself. When Gang struggles, Hart has lost all his hair! Gang ultimately gets free, but the damage has been done.

Match 2 (12-man, 3 out of 5 falls):

Babyfaces: Kevin, Kerry, & Mike Von Erich, Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, & Buddy Roberts

Heels: “Gentleman” Chris Adams, the “Handsome Half-Breed” Gino Hernandez, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams, One Man Gang, The “Crippler” Rip Oliver, & Kamala (w/ Gary Hart, Jim Cornette, & General Skandor Akbar)



  • The winning team wins $100,000, and the one who scores the pin wins a 1985 Lincoln Continental.
  • Also, Oliver substituted for “Nature Boy” Ric Flair because this match followed the World title match. More on this in my 05-25 reflection.
  • Since there are two rings, there will be action in both rings simultaneously. Wish me luck trying to cover it all.
  • Kerry unloaded a forearm smash to Oliver, and Roberts provided Gino with a high knee for 2.
  • As Kevin dropkicked Williams, Mike tagged in but ate a lariat from Williams.
  • Kerry applied a sleeper to Gino, hooked an O’Connor roll, but ate a superkick from Adams.
  • 1-2-3.
  • After Gino pinned Kerry at 3:20, the heels led 1-0.


  • Kerry hooked an Iron claw on Gino, but Williams tagged in.
  • While Kerry reversed a cross corner whip, he clotheslined Williams.
  • Kamala slammed Gordy but missed a splash.
  • As Kevin tagged in, he mounted the top turnbuckle and lowered the boom on Williams.
  • He then gave Williams a cross corner whip followed by a knee to the midsection.
  • When Kamala held Roberts in a standing choke, Kerry landed a discus punch to Adams sending him over the top rope to the stadium floor.
  • Gang slammed Roberts, and Kerry pounded Adams on the stadium floor.
  • After Oliver got 2 on Roberts, Adams rammed Kerry face-first into the timekeeper’s table.
  • Hayes then bulldogged Gino, but the Dynamic Duo double-clotheslined him.
  • While Gino pinned Hayes at 6:41, the heels led 2-0.
  • Can our heroes make a comeback? Or at least earn a fall?


  • Gordy backdropped Gino and chopped an incoming Adams.
  • As Oliver planted a knee into Kerry’s midsection, Kerry rebounded with a cross body block.
  • He pinned Oliver at 9:01, and the babyfaces trimmed the heels’ lead to 2-1.
  • Gang slammed Kerry and followed with a splash.
  • Prior to the commercial break, Kamala added himself to the dogpile.
  • Subsequently, Kerry was injured and possibly couldn’t continue.

Rating: TBD

Summary: Hot, action-packed match that will continue NEXT WEEK!

Conclusion: The situation for the babyfaces doesn’t look good. How will they overcome? Or will they?

The Kerry-Gang match, along with its stipulations, was extremely entertaining, and the reaction from the Irving faithful was astounding. Are you ready for part 2, Marty?

Awesome, Marty! Be good, alright?

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for WCCW 05-18-85!

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