Impact Wrestling – February 2, 2021

Impact Wrestling
Date: February 2, 2021
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

We’re still on the way to a variety of shows and that could make things interesting. The AEW mini invasion continues and that is not the worst thing in the world. That is going to include Private Party challenging the Good Brothers for the Tag Team Titles in the near future but we need to build up some more things than just that. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Tasha Steelz vs. Havok

Kiera Hogan and Nevaeh are both at ringside. Steelz hammers away to start with little success because Havok kicks her out of the corner without much effort. Some kicks to the leg put Havok down though and a big kick to the head gets two. Steelz drops elbows onto the leg so Havok goes to the rope for the break. Back up and Havok screams a lot, setting up a running boot in the corner. The spinning Side Effect gives Havok two but she has to stop to choke Hogan. It doesn’t exactly matter though as the Tombstone finishes Steelz at 4:33.

Rating: C-. Total destruction here with Havok shrugging off the leg work to pick up the win without much trouble. That makes sense as Havok is a heck of a monster and shouldn’t be having any major issues in a singles match against most people. They’ll likely do the title change before too long and that’s a fine way to go with the new belts.

The announcers throw us to a clip from after last week’s show, where Ken Shamrock snapped and beat up a lot of referees, plus dropped Sami Callihan.

Sami Callihan is in Scott D’Amore’s office and is told that Shamrock is suspended indefinitely. Callihan is actually happy because he was going to fire Shamrock anyway.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer talk about how nice Dreamer was to give up the World Title shot at Barely Legal so Terry Funk could have the shot. Tonight, Dreamer is going to hold up his end of the card.

The Good Brothers hype up this week’s AEW Dynamite and are ready to beat up Jon Moxley. They’re ready to beat up Private Party too, but here are James Storm and Chris Sabin to interrupt, because they aren’t happy. The Brothers back away from the challenge but the match can be on next week, because the Brothers have to be ready for Dynamite.

Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander

Ace Austin is here with Fulton. Alexander tries to take the monster down to start but gets tossed with a release suplex. Fulton sends him face first into the buckle and chokes away but Alexander slips out of a suplex and hits him in the face. The ankle lock goes on for a bit, only to get kicked out to the floor in a hurry. A chokeslam onto the apron rocks Alexander again but he’s right back with a roaring elbow. The Jay Driller finishes 4:48.

Rating: C. The ending came out of nowhere but there are far worse ideas than pushing Alexander. There’s something about him when he goes out there and does his thing, which makes him feel like someone you want to see. Hopefully he gets some kind of a push around here, which would certainly be worth looking into. Fulton losing clean like that doesn’t bode well for him, but he has been past his peak for a bit now anyway.

The Good Brothers have their own action figures.

Here’s Brian Myers, now with an eye patch, for a chat. Myers says he feels somewhat responsible for this because it was the most professional wrestler against the least professional wrestler. Eddie Edwards was trained by Killer Kowalski and now Kowalski is rolling over in his grave. Myers wants him at No Surrender so here’s Eddie to unload on Myers…until Hernandez comes out to beat on Edwards. Matt Cardona comes in for the save. You mean a whiny heel gets a monster bodyguard? That’s a fine idea, though you might not want to have it come just after Austin and Fulton are out here.

Johnny Swinger comes into his casino to collect the money from John E. Bravo. Alisha Edwards doesn’t like how Swinger is treating Fallah Bahh, because it always seems to be in Swinger’s World.

Eddie Edwards thanks Matt Cardona for what he did. The tag match is set for No Surrender.

Crazzy Steve vs. Larry D.

Rosemary is here with Steve and Acey Romero is here with Larry, as we’re now in the third generation of stories based around Wrestle House. Steve slugs away and manages to take Larry down for some right hands to the face. Larry throws him outside though, with Acey getting in a few shots. Back in and Steve gets choked in the corner, where Rosemary gives him a bit of a pep talk. Larry gets two off a low superkick but Steve bites him on the forehead. Steve bites his way out of some clotheslines as well but dives into the Best Hand In The House for the pin at 4:01.

Rating: D+. I’m rapidly approaching the point of never needing to see these people again, though Decay is a better fit for both of them. XXXL on the other hand….I get why they’re here and I get why they’re a good choice to put in the ring. That being said, giving them some kind of detailed backstory and being anything more than big brawlers is a bit more than needs to be there.

Post match, Rosemary scares the big guys off.

We get a sitdown interview with Trey Miguel, who is ready to show what he can do on his own. Sami Callihan pops in but he isn’t here to fight. Callihan talks about Trey wasting a great goodbye and now Trey needs to find out what he wants to be.

XXXL isn’t scared of Rosemary but you never hit a woman. Tenille Dashwood comes in and says she’ll hit Rosemary for them. That works for Larry and if Decay can find a third, the six person tag can be on for No Surrender.

Susan vs. Jordynne Grace

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and Jazz are all here too. Susan takes her time to start so Grace crushes her with a running splash in the corner. A shoulder gives Grace two but Susan pulls the referee in the way of a splash so Grace has to put the brakes on. Susan gets in a few shots from behind and Purrazzo and Lee pull Grace outside to stomp away some more. Jazz gets involved but Grace takes her back inside for a Michinoku Driver…for two, which seems to confuse commentary. A running elbow in the corner sets up the Grace Driver for the pin at 4:49.

Rating: C-. I’m still not feeling the Susan deal, which is giving more bad flashbacks to the Governor deal with the Beautiful People. Grace winning is fine of course and I can always go for more of her, though Lee and Jazz aren’t exactly thrilling. The division continues to take some weird directions given the talent there, but at least they have something going most of the time.

Post match the beatdown is on with Grace and Jazz in trouble until ODB returns for the save. Oh come on haven’t I suffered enough with this show???

Matt Hardy tells Private Party that he has this going forward. Now they need to go win the battle royal on Dynamite so they can win two titles. That means more money for Big Money Matt and some more money for them too!

It’s time for Tony and Tony, with both of them holding coconut drinks and Schiavone in a flower shirt with a shark hat. Khan knows about how to book a big show and Impact is like his own fantasy league. He’s letting Jon Moxley go to New Japan to defend his US Title and Don Callis has driven him to these wacky moves. Schiavone runs down the Beach Break card and Khan says he’s an emotional shark.

ODB says she poked her head in to see what was going on and didn’t like the bullying. They all grab their chests and say BAM.

Rohit Raju vs. TJP

Non-title. Feeling out process to start with TJP dodging a lot and managing something like an octopus out of a crucifix attempt. That’s broken up so Raju kicks him in the face and dropkicks him out to the floor as we take a break. Back with TJP slugging away but walking into a Downward Spiral for two. An elbow gives Raju two more and frustration is already setting in.

There’s a belly to back for another two but TJP scores with a springboard spinning shot to the face. A middle rope hurricanrana sets up a tornado DDT but TJP has to bail out of a Swanton attempt. Raju dives off the top into some raised boots, only to have TJP bail to the floor. Cue Mahabali Shera (OH COME ON) to pull TJP back out and plant him on the apron. Raju hits a sliding knee for the pin at 10:38.

Rating: C. Good grief, are they really trying to drive me this crazy around here? Shera is one of those guys who may have changed for the better but is still one of those names best associated with the darker days of Impact. As long as he isn’t doing that stupid dance, he should be fine but I’m not sure how many fans are going to be happy to see him.

Violent By Design talk about being violent by design. The olive branch isn’t being offered to everyone, but Eric Young can baptize Cody Deaner in violence.

Cody will answer next week.

Here’s what’s coming next week and at No Surrender.

Chris Bey/Moose vs. Rich Swann/Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Bey trade headlock takeovers to start and that means a standoff. Bey knocks him down in a hurry though and we take a break. Back with Swann coming in to strike away at Moose, who throws him into the corner for the running uppercut. Bey runs him over as well and grinds away with a headlock. Swann gets faster and spins around, setting up a dropkick for his own two.

Dreamer comes back in for an abdominal stretch but since that’s a bit exhausting, it’s already back to Swann for a kick to the back. A few kicks put Swann down though and Moose comes in to rip away at the eyes. Swann’s sunset flip only gets one before Bey is back up to elbow him in the face. The chinlock doesn’t last long and an enziguri goes a bit better for Swann, allowing the hot tag off to Dreamer. Moose crotches Swann on top though and hits the spear (with Dreamer sidestepping it) for the pin on Swann at 12:09.

Rating: C-. I know it’s just building towards a one off match for an Impact Plus special but Dreamer feels so out of place and tacked on here. Moose vs. Swann has been built up, just like Swann vs. Kenny Omega, but Dreamer is getting this one off spot that it takes a few weeks to set up. It isn’t going to matter long term, but egads it is dragging some weeks down.

Moose spears Dreamer down as well and poses with both titles to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. It isn’t even like this show is that bad, but the amount of people they are bringing out of mothballs and pushing in fairly big spots are making me feel like the old days. That’s the kind of time reputation that Impact has been trying to shake for years now and yet here we are again. I really hope this doesn’t last, but the association with AEW is making Impact feel REALLY lame by comparison and the future is hardly looking bright. Instead it’s looking old, as there are fewer and fewer young stars in prominent spots around here. Don’t do that again, because it has been done horribly so many times before.


Havok b. Tasha Steelz – Tombstone

Josh Alexander b. Madman Fulton – Jay Driller

Larry D. b. Crazzy Steve – Best Hand In The House

Jordynne Grace b. Susan – Grace Driver

Rohit Raju b. TJP – Sliding knee

Moose/Chris Bey b. Tommy Dreamer/Rich Swann – Spear to Swann

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