The Saturday Night Fights Thread

Good evening!

I’m having an incredibly lazy day because it’s -45C with wind chill here in Saskatoon and literally we have to maintain body heat by avoiding any and all activities or motion, which includes typing out responses to emails for the blog.  I hear in fancier provinces they have these things called “furnaces” and “heaters” but I was born in a sod house and I’ll die in a sod house, consarnit!  Granted one with Netflix so I can continue through Damnation.

Tonight it’s a UFC with Alistair Overeem in the main event.  Tomorrow is some kind of football game.

Here’s the Royal Rumble match from 1995 to watch tonight in the meantime.  I dunno why, it was just the first wrestling related thing that came up on my YouTube recommended list tonight.  It also keeps trying to recommend someone’s pirated version of a 1985 Saturday Night’s Main Event for some reason.  I HAVE THE WWE NETWORK, YOUTUBE.  Geez.