Marko Stunt – Heel

Hey Scott,

I hate to say it as I really like AEW otherwise but…. GODDAMN IT I HATE MARKO STUNT. He's like that corporate-mandated kid shoved into random cartoons and comics so that teenage readers can “see themselves” in the story or something.

It drives me nuts watching this guy doing all the basic “mighty mouse” face spots while men, who I'm supposed to buy as utter monster aren't able to smash him into dust.  I get that you could say the same thing about other wrestlers but even beyond everything else, he's just such an annoying little punk that I really want to see him get his ass handed to him.

With that being the case, and the fact that I'm, by far not the only one who feels this, why not turn him into a heel. He seems tailor made for an X-Pac or '93-'94 HBK role where he acts like a stuck up puke and stands behind a bigger wrestler.

Am I so out of touch with today's youth? Is it the children who are wrong?


I'm hoping that FTR leaves him tied up in that hotel room and we don't have to watch him anymore.