What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – December 23, 1995

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are calling the action, originating from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brown talks with Scott Bowden, who says PG-13 are not in the same league as the Rock N’ Roll Express.  He shows footage of the feud earlier in the year between the two teams to make it seem like the Express dominated it.

Opening Contest:  PG-13 (49-22-4) beat Reggie B. Fine & Edric Hines when J.C. Ice pins Hines after Wolfie D tilt-a-whirl slams him on top of Hines at 3:12:

God love Russell, who tries his best to put over Hines as a threat even though the guy probably does not weigh over 120 pounds soaking wet.  Fine does not do much work, tagging in to do a slam on Ice before tagging his weaker partner, who succumbs to PG-13’s finisher.

Koko B. Ware talks with Russell about how Randy Hales did not book him for a card on the USWA’s recent circuit.  Russell cuts off the interview because we need to get to our next match, but this is a sign that Ware is going heel.

Tony Williams (2-5) pins the Yellow Jacket after a sunset flip at 2:00:

This is a bottom of the barrel match, but at least Williams has won a couple of matches in 1995.  As the match unfolds, Ware buries both men on commentary and puts over his own abilities.  The match is competitive, with Williams surprising the Jacket with a sunset flip to go over.  Not surprisingly, the crowd was dead because neither of these guys has value in the company.

After the match, Ware attacks and demolishes both guys.  He closes the segment by telling Russell that no one is going to keep him out of the USWA.

Non-Title Match:  Doug Gilbert (26-14-5) beats Tex Slazenger (USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion w/Scott Bowden) (4-4) via disqualification when Tracy Smothers interferes at 4:00:

A sluggish match unfolds as Bowden tells fans that the only reason Gilbert has had success in the USWA is because of him.  Gilbert’s comeback energizes the last stage of the match, nearly winning the title with a DDT before Slazenger puts his foot on the second rope.  Another DDT leads to the same result.  The referee gets bumped, so Gilbert does a piledriver, but there is no one to count the fall and after chasing Bowden into the ring, who collides with Slazenger, Gilbert is attacked by Smothers and beaten down with the Confederate flag.  Rating:  *

After the bell, the beating continues until PG-13 makes the save.

Russell interviews Gilbert, who promises that he and Tommy Rich are going after Jesse James Armstrong and Tracy Smothers.

A video package recaps the history between Brian Christopher and Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett beat Ahmed Johnson in Tunica, Mississippi to win the USWA Unified World Championship on December 20.

Highlights from A Night to Remember at the Louisville Gardens are shown.

Tracy Smothers (w/Scott Bowden) (5-8) wrestles Brian Christopher (45-18-7) to a time limit draw at 2:01:

This is another USWA television main event where time runs out, providing another cop out for the fans.  Prior to the bell, Christopher was getting the advantage but there was nothing special to report from this.

The Last Word:  This was sluggish show and now that the SMW interpromotional feud is finishing at the next Mid-South Coliseum event, the USWA needs to reset and figure out where they want to go.  A heel Koko B. Ware could be a fun act, but the promotion needs more new talent to rejuvenate it.

The USWA did its final weekly card of the year at the Mid-South Coliseum on December 27.  Since it did not have to run against Monday Night RAW or Monday Nitro, since the show took place on Wednesday, attendance jumped to 1,300 and a gate of $9,100.  Here were the results of that card, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Miss Texas (19-10-1) beat Downtown Bruno (0-2)

-USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Tex Slazenger (4-5) defeated King Cobra (1-2)

-Koko B. Ware (0-1) defeated the Smoky Mountain Massacre (3-0) in a hair versus hair match in thirteen seconds

-Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich (11-9-2) beat USWA Tag Team Champions Jesse James Armstrong & Tracy Smothers (6-0-1) in a non-title match

-PG-13 (50-22-4) beat the Rock N’ Roll Express (4-2-3) via disqualification

-USWA Unified World Champion Jeff Jarrett (2-1) beat Bob Armstrong (3-1) in a lumberjack strap match

-Jerry Lawler (25-6) defeated SMW Champion Brad Armstrong (1-3) to win the title

-USWA Unified World Champion Jeff Jarrett (3-1) defeated Brian Christopher (45-18-8) after Jesse James Armstrong and Brad Armstrong interfered at 16:09

Backstage News*:        Starting in 1996, the company is going to be doing the weekly Memphis show on Wednesdays to avoid clashing with the WWF and WCW.  However, the Memphis RiverKings use the Mid-South Coliseum on some of those nights, which will force the Mid-South show to move to Monday on occasion.

*Jimmy Valiant was supposed to wrestle the Smoky Mountain Massacre in the hair versus hair match in Memphis, defending Randy Hales’ hair, but he cancelled his appearance.  Super Mario cancelled a planned appearance on the card as well.

*Backstage news is courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for January 2, 1996.

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