The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 04.10.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 04.10.82

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & The ELECTRIFYING Sandy Scott

Meanwhile, Eddie Graham sits down with Gordon Solie to discuss the closing days of the NWA World tag team title tournament, as we’ve still a tournament to come in Canada, where some Canadian team will no doubt win.

UPDATE!  Sandy lets us know that the Western half of the tournament finals was won by the team of Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco in a tournament final that 100% completely happened, honest.  The Eastern half is still wide open, of course.

Ivan Koloff does NOT like Jimmy Valiant, and he specifically mentions that if Jimmy was walking down the street and got hit by a car, Ivan would not only not help him, but in fact would KICK HIM IN THE FACE.  And then Jimmy happily comes out and brushes by Koloff.

Jimmy Valiant v. Ben Alexander

Jimmy still beats Alexander in :30 despite Ivan trying to get into the ring and interfere, unsuccessfully.

Keith Larson v. Carl Fergie

But speaking of exciting and excitement, Bob is excited by the list of teams still alive in the tournament, like Angelo Mosca and Killer Khan!  Larson works the arm with a patented Tony Schiavone full armdrag and twist and he stays on that arm for a good while.  Fergie puts him down with a knee to the gut, and works on him in the corner.  Larson comes back and slugs away to set up a backdrop, but he misses a dramatic charge in the corner and Fergie drops an equally dramatic knee on him for the pin at 5:40.  Well young Larson is certainly quite the geek in his first few weeks in the promotion.

Sgt. Slaughter joins us and he’s met all the challenges and beaten them all, so next up is Jack Brisco or Wahoo or anyone else who wants to challenge him for the US title, which he TOTALLY DEFENDS ALL THE TIME, by the way!

Jack Brisco v. Bill White

Brisco takes him down and works the arm while the talk of the show is the impending debut of King Kong Angelo Mosca.  As long as he doesn’t bring his kid with him this time.  Brisco puts him down in the corner and finishes with the figure-four at 3:00.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Slaughter’s Privates are the new Mid-Atlantic tag team champions!  That’s right, his privates will have belts tightly strapped around them from now on.  Nelson’s promo here about how much Slaughter inspires him sounds like someone being held hostage and holding up a newspaper.

Gene and Ole Anderson are sick of Jimmy Valiant and his face, and the face is gonna get punched soon.

NWA TV Title:  Ivan Koloff v. Tony Anthony

Koloff takes him to the mat with a facelock and slugs him down before throwing him around the ring and stomping him down again.  Bearhug follows, but Anthony elbows out and makes a comeback.  But then he misses a blind charge and Koloff beats on him some more and then finishes with the knee from the top at 4:05.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr.  joins Bob to talk about Slaughter and his challenges and how he keeps ducking them all.  Also Jack Brisco wants to be US champion and/or Mid-Atlantic champion.  And then Jimmy Valiant stops by the desk, complete with entrance music.  He goes to brawl with Ivan Koloff in the ring and stops to get a shot on the Ninja, but that results in the Ninja spitting green mist in his face and blinding him while Koloff gets some free shots.  Really, he had that one coming.  You do NOT mess with Ninjas.  This was a pretty heavy heat angle by the usual standards of this show.

Tim Horner v. Rusty Roberts

They fight over a wristlock and Horner takes him down with a headlock, then follows with a backdrop and gets an ugly sunset flip out of the corner for the pin at 2:51.

Meanwhile, Mike Rotunda is still getting ready to debut in Mid-Atlantic and he’s ready to show all the people in Ann Arbor Michigan. Now picture Rotunda saying that, but about 4 times slower, and mumbled.

Sgt. Slaughter’s Privates v. Kelly Kiniski & Terry Taylor

Taylor pecks away on Slaughter’s privates and works on Nelson’s arm, and Kiniski comes in with a dropkick.  Kernodle hits Taylor with a neckbreaker to take over, however, and hits him with rabbit punches to show who’s really the cock of the walk.  Nelson comes in for the double-team in the corner and Kernodle drops a knee and goes to a chinlock, but Kelly gets a hot tag and hits another dropkick on Kernodle before missing a blind charge.  The Privates cut off the ring and Kernodle comes off the top with an elbow from behind, but Kelly fights over and makes the hot tag to Taylor.  Flying forearm gets two and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA and the ref throws it out at 6:14.  Slaughter’s privates were just too much to handle on this occasion!

Jake Roberts comments on the green mist situation as we take another look at Valiant taking it in the face.

Gene Anderson and his Ninja (the guy otherwise known as Mr. Pogo) admit that it was a conspiracy with Ivan Koloff to take out Jimmy Valiant, as they’re trying to send him back to New York City.

Kind of a dull episode as the endless tag team tournament storyline limps to a close and then gets really funny behind the scenes again.