NXT UK – February 4, 2021

Date: February 4, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s another week in London and that means we could be in for some good stuff. NXT UK has started to find its stride again, including a pretty awesome four way tag team match last week that saw Pretty Deadly become the new #1 contenders. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going this week so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Commentary opens with a bit of a surprising chat about how the pandemic has shaken everyone. You don’t hear WWE talk that way on television very often.

Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels

As usual, Samuels has a man carrying her bags and tells Brookside that she should be doing just that. They start fast with Brookside taking her to the mat and then pulling on the arm as they get back up. Samuels kicks her into the corner though and sits on Brookside’s leg, setting up the chinlock. Make that an armbar but Brookside fights up and slugs away. The running knees in the corner set up a running faceplant and they head outside. Brookside kicks the steps by mistake so Samuels throws in a suitcase. That’s enough of a distraction for a loaded purse to knock Brookside silly for the pin at 4:56.

Rating: C. They didn’t have much time here before the screwy finish but Samuels winning to set up Brookside’s revenge down the line should work fine. I still like Brookside a lot and Samuels is starting to grow on me. She has a perfectly fine heel character and they could go in a few directions with her so things could be looking up.

Post match Samuels poses and said she told us so.

Jordan Devlin wants to know who he is facing tonight but Sid Scala isn’t sure.

Sid Scala talks to Jack Starz behind closed doors and Stars doesn’t look thrilled. It looks like Scala is trying to find Devlin’s opponent.

Josh Morrell vs. Joseph Conners

Conners has Jinny in his corner. The grappling exchange goes nowhere to start so Morrell dropkicks him to the floor, where Conners needs to talk to Jinny. Back in and Conners starts cranking on the arm before clotheslining him down for trying to flip out. The arm is snapped over the ropes and Conners crucifixes him for two. There’s a backbreaker for two and we hit the armbar again. This one doesn’t last as long as Morrell fights up and increases the pace with a dropkick. Morrell has to bail out of something off the top but gets run over again. A neckbreaker finishes for Conners at 5:37.

Rating: C. It’s going to take a long time for me to care about Conners but at least this is better than complaining about the young whippersnappers of NXT UK. Morrell doesn’t have much to make him stand out but the energy he has in the ring should keep him around for a bit. This was all about Conners though and he looked a bit better than usual.

Video on Sha Samuels, who calls himself the Butcher because he comes from a family of butchers.

Xia Brookside wants a rematch with Nina Samuels and orders Scala to get it done.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Tyson T-Bone

T-Bone promises to win during his entrance and they charge at each other to start in a hurry. Some shots to the back have Dragunov in trouble so he rolls over into a keylock. Cue Sam Gradwell to watch from ringside and heckle Dragunov. A hard slam into a knee drop keeps Dragunov down and a t-bone suplex does it again. Gradwell: “YOUR FAMILY IS WATCHING!”

Dragunov manages to knock him into the corner but charges into a belly to back suplex. A half nelson suplex puts Dragunov on the floor where Gradwell talks even more. T-Bone follows for some shots to the back….and Dragunov snaps to unload on T-Bone outside. They go back in where Dragunov takes him down with ease and unloads with elbows for the stoppage at 6:47.

Rating: C+. T-Bone is another one of those guys who hasn’t shown me much, though he hasn’t felt like a big waste of time. This was a better performance though as he kept taking it to Dragunov but eventually got caught by the buzz saw version. Dragunov continues to look awesome and it’s going to be even better when he fully embraces the full monster side.

Post match Gradwell yells at Dragunov some more, saying Dragunov let his family down. Gradwell: “Do you need a cuddle???” Dragunov snaps and runs over the cameraman but referees keep them apart before violence can ensue.

Meiko Satomura is here next week and some people are rather pleased.

Sid Scala still tries to find Devlin’s opponent.

Joe Coffey vs. Danny Jones

Coffey drives the tall Jones up against the ropes but Jones slaps him in the face. This is a rather bad idea as Coffey unloads on him with right hands to put Jones down. Jones manages some shots to the face, including a jumping knee, but a belly to belly suplex cuts that off. A sleeper staggers Coffey but he’s right back with the running headbutt into the corner. All The Best For The Bells finishes Jones at 2:51. There was WAY more in here than you would have expected and Jones gave it a shot.

Post match, Coffey says if Rampage Brown wants to make a name for himself, he needs to hit someone in the face really hard. Cue Brown to say anytime anywhere.

We look back at Pretty Deadly becoming #1 contenders last week.

Gallus is ready for Pretty Deadly.

Video on Eddie Dennis and the Hunt vs. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews. They meet next week in a street fight.

Here’s Jordan Devlin for the main event and Scala has found him an opponent. It’s just not for the title.

Jordan Devlin vs. Dave Mastiff

Non-title of course. Devlin works on a wristlock to start before switching to an early headlock. the running shoulder hits Devlin though and Mastiff cartwheels away and drops a backsplash. An exchange of shots to the face goes to Mastiff and he runs Devlin over in the corner. Devlin slips out of a suplex though and takes out the knee in a smart move.

A dragon screw legwhip into another chop block keeps Mastiff down but Devlin manages to put him on top. He can’t pull him into the Devlin Side though and Mastiff gets the better of a slugout. There’s a big toss to send Devlin into the corner and another toss sends him flying over the top to the floor in a great bump. Back in and Devlin slaps him in the face so Mastiff gets Devlin on his shoulders. A victory roll sends Mastiff to the floor with Devlin following, only to get caught in the Regal Roll.

Mastiff breaks the count but goes back to the floor, where Into The Void only hits (and breaks) the barricade. Devlin is still down so Mastiff hits a top rope headbutt for two more with commentary losing it on the kickout. A dropkick to the leg takes Mastiff down again though and there’s a slingshot cutter to knock him silly. Devlin adds the 450 for the pin at 12:02.

Rating: B-. If Devlin wasn’t already a face, this might have been the match that shoved him over the line. Not only did he want to fight tonight but he came up against a monster and beat him clean. I still thing this winds up with Devlin taking the United Kingdom Title from Walter and they’re setting Devlin up as a giant killer. Mastiff had Devlin in a lot of trouble but wanted to win clean rather than taking the countout. Good stuff here, but it could be setting up something bigger down the line.

Overall Rating: C+. I liked this one quite a bit as it was rapid fire material focusing on all kinds of people up and down the card. They set up a few different things going forward and you could see a Takeover style card, even if that show isn’t even set at the moment. Either way, good stuff here and I could go for another format like this in the future.

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