Thursday Night Thread: February 4, 2021

Hey everyone.  Sorry, Gorilla and Brain were given the night off.

News came out this morning that a former WWE wrestler has discovered her true identity and came out to the world.  I’m glad to say that when the morning thread talked about this, the few comments there were were all “good for her”, because I went to other places that were less generous.  Which is my way of saying it’s important to find good people in your life, and y’all are good people.

I’ve also spent an hour or so talking to a few trans friends of mine over how naming conventions work.  This part will take a bit of learning — and re-learning, because I don’t often deal with someone famous under a dead identity — but it’s worth it.  And I put this here because I’m gonna need help, and if I make a mistake, please know it’s just that, a mistake.  And this cuts both ways on many topics.  If/when I see a mistake, I’ll try to correct it gently.  Fortunately, most of us are mature enough to handle this.  (Unless it involves thirst traps; then all bets are off.)

Anyway, despite not having Gorilla and Brain argue over the news of the week, I still will send you for a feature bout: we go to Beyond Wrestling for two of Ring of Honor’s greatest tag teams, the American Wolves and Da Hit Squad!

Bring the insanity.