Hangman & Mox

I feel that AEW missed an awesome opportunity to bring Hangman and Mox together as the two guys to fight off Omega, the Good Brothers, and potentially the Bucks. They pretty much left the whole intriguing Hangman-Omega story for dead after Full Gear. I love
his comedy stuff with the Dark Order, but Page seems wasted in the mid-card. Having him and Mox come together as the two guys without any friends or allies and go after Omega would have been unreal. I would have loved to have seen a build for a Hangman-Omega
rematch for the title at Revolution. What are your thoughts on the Hangman's direction over the past couple months? Do you see him mired in the mid-card with Matt Hardy for the forseeable future?

So you’re saying that you feel like Hangman got screwed over by Omega and you want him to get his revenge and grow to a main event guy.  But they’re not giving it to you right away so you really want to see it even more.