What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – November 11, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher kick off the last television taping in the promotion’s history at Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Kentucky.  According to prowrestlinghistory.com, the taping took place on November 6 and attracted 200 fans.

Opening Contest:  Buddy Landel (18-13-1) beats Tommy Rich (w/Jim Cornette) (6-4) via disqualification when Cornette interferes at 1:45 shown:

The match picks up where it left off the previous week, clipped to where Landel starts to make his comeback.  Landel hooks the figure-four, but Cornette, who was chased away from ringside by Butch Cassidy, comes back and slides into the ring to cause the disqualification.

After the bell, Cornette’s Militia wipes out Landel and Cassidy, with Cassidy eating a big chokeslam from the Punisher.  Whether intentional or not, Kessler screams for someone to call for “911,” the name of ECW’s big man who got over by chokeslamming people.

Kessler recaps Robert Gibson’s turn and why he would not like the THUGS because they stole the Rock N’ Roll Express’ title shot against the Dynamic Duo in the summer.

Jim Cornette cuts a promo with Gibson, talking about how the THUGS disrespected Gibson and caused his longtime tag team partner to be fired from SMW.  Cornette announces that Gibson’s new gimmick is that he is the “King of Rock N’ Roll.”

Thatcher interviews the THUGS, who are booked in a grudge six-man tag team match against SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Gibson.  They have a mystery partner but do not reveal who it is.  Tracy Smothers is crestfallen that Gibson would turn on them but says the Bodies and Gibson have a lot of enemies they can get a partner from.

Robert Gibson (w/Jim Cornette) (4-2-1) defeats Bobby Blayze (11-4-1) after a swinging neckbreaker at 3:34:

Blayze has been AWOL from Smoky Mountain TV for several months, last wrestling on television on August 5 when he and Boo Bradley lost to Terry Gordy and Tommy Rich.  That is a big fall from grace for a guy SMW put a lot of promotion into in the spring, giving him runs with the SMW Championship and the Beat the Champ Television Championship.  Even though he has turned heel, Gibson has only altered his theme music and nickname.  Changing his ring attire would have been better as the red and white Rock N’ Roll Express tights are too much of a callback to his babyface past.  Gibson’s work is not very heel-like either as his only heel mannerism is to violently throw Blayze’s head back when he comes off the ropes.  Blayze dominates most of the match, but he puts his head down too early after an Irish whip and Gibson hits a swinging neckbreaker for the win.  Gibson must be aiming for Honky Man 2.0 with this gimmick.  Rating:  *½

A shirtless Commissioner Bob Armstrong cuts a promo, putting over his role as a lumberjack at Thanksgiving Thunder.

The video package that showcased Jos LeDuc on last week’s shown is replayed.  Another classic segment from Memphis is used where ten men from the crowd cannot make LeDuc break his bearhug.

Buddy Landel accuses Jim Cornette of being a bandwagon jumper and puts over how he and LeDuc will destroy Tommy Rich and the Punisher.  The promo starts to fall apart at the end as he stumbles over what he has done to mess with Cornette’s mind recently.  The funniest botch is when he yells about “The midget coming out of the paper bag” when Butch Cassidy came out of a box.

Jim Cornette, the Punisher, and Tommy Rich are part of the “Kessler’s Korner” segment.  Rich insults the crowd, causing a kid facing the hard camera to flex his non-existent muscles at Rich as if that is going to make him back down.  Cornette complains about LeDuc being allowed to compete in SMW because he is psychotic.

Cornette introduces Sergeant Rock, who is Jacqueline Moore, better known as Miss Texas to USWA fans during this period.  The crowd was excited for the reveal, but when they see her the excitement dies.

Sergeant Rock (w/Jim Cornette) beats Ron Davis after a DDT at 1:24:

Trained by Skandor Akbar in Dallas, Texas, Rock debuted in 1988 as Sweet Georgia Brown for World Class.  She then went on a tour of Japan and began making a bigger name for herself in the USWA, wrestling as Miss Texas and winning the promotion’s women’s championship eleven times between 1991 and her appearance on this show.  Rock is so much smaller than Davis that it is tough to suspend disbelief to the point that she can beat him up, even if Davis is a longtime SMW jobber.  Davis hits a few slams but Cornette distracts the referee, allowing Rock to hit a low blow.  That gets the loudest reaction of the match and she hits the DDT to win her debut.

After replaying Cornette spraying Butch Cassidy with ketchup on last week’s show, Cassidy cuts a locker room promo, talking about how it took him days to recover from the Punisher’s chokeslam.  He makes a funny botch, proclaiming the next SMW event to be “Turkey Thunder.”

Thatcher interviews Cornette and Sergeant Rock.  Cornette talks her up, as well as hypes her match against the Wolfman at Thanksgiving Thunder.  The Wolfman interrupts and cannot believe he is booked to face a woman later this month.  Cornette and Rock do a two-on-one beatdown until the Wolfman recovers and chases them off.

Kessler puts over the Thanksgiving Thunder set of events which will run from November 23-26 in Knoxville, Tennessee; Barbourville, Kentucky; Johnson City, Tennessee; and Cookeville, Tennessee.

Following a recap of Terry Gordy whipping Brad Armstrong at Halloween Scream ’95, Armstrong tells Gordy he is going to get revenge on Gordy at Thanksgiving Thunder and regain the SMW Championship.  He also tells Mosh he is going to get revenge for his interference at Halloween Scream ’95 on today’s program.

Brad Armstrong (14-1) defeats Mosh (0-3) with a side Russian leg sweep at 3:23:

There is very little to this one as the participants spend a lot of the bout fighting over a wristlock.  A Mosh blind charge sends him into the side Russian leg sweep, and it is all over.  Rating:  *

After the match, Thrasher attacks Armstrong and the Headbangers hold Armstrong in place so Terry Gordy can whip him with a strap.  Armstrong manages to escape it, knocking the Headbangers out of the ring.  Despite Kessler saying that Gordy is beating “a hasty retreat,” the SMW Champion casually steps out of the ring and walks to the back.

Armstrong tells Thatcher that someone is going to leave Thanksgiving Thunder looking like a zebra and it will not be him.

Tune in next week to see the THUGS face the Headbangers!  Also, Tommy Rich and the Punisher will be in action!

The Last Word:  The Buddy Landel-Cornette Militia feud got off to a great start in September, but it is fizzling out.  There are only so many times the Militia can beatdown Landel and the promos are starting to get repetitive between the two sides.  If LeDuc showed up that would freshen things up, but that is not going to happen prior to Thanksgiving Thunder.  And Cornette is beyond stale in his general gimmick since he appears on almost every segment of every show.  The creative in the company has also gone off the rails.  Recent pushes are going to intergender wrestling, a jobber in the Wolfman, and a mini wrestler.

SMW spent time in North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee for its weekend house show circuit and here were the results of those cards, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Lenoir, North Carolina – The Mulberry Street Recreational Center – November 9, 1995 (325):  Robert Gibson beat Ron Davis…Tracy Smothers beat SMW Champion Terry Gordy in a non-title match…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies defeated the THUGS in a street fight…Buddy Landel pinned Tommy Rich in a cage match.

Morristown, Tennessee – Talley Ward Recreational Center – November 11, 1995 (400):  Robert Gibson pinned Flash Flanagan…Brad Armstrong pinned SMW Champion Terry Gordy in a non-title, “loser gets ten lashes” match…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS in a hospital elimination match…Buddy Landel beat Tommy Rich in a cage match.

Backstage News*:  Tracy Smothers substituted for Brad Armstrong in Lenoir, North Carolina against Terry Gordy because Armstrong thought his uncle was going to need a kidney transplant and he wanted to support his father, who was going to donate his.

*Buddy Landel missed a house show in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on November 10 because of a stomach virus.

*SMW had planned a set of house shows next week in Eastern Kentucky and Damascus, Virginia but those have been cancelled so Thanksgiving Thunder will be its next set of events.

*Backstage news is sourced from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for November 20.