Royal Rumble 93

Hey Scott, hope you are safe and well. Before this years Rumble, I watched the 92 and 93 Rumble to remind myself of the good times. I also read your reviews. In 93, Lawler threw out Perfect and now watching it, why was this not an instant feud for Wrestlemania? Both guys could work and had history of working together in AWA. All I could find was a match after the Rumble in Memphis, which was pretty good mind you. Do you think WWE missed the boat on the feud? Both can work and talk and it would have been a good add on at Wrestlemania 9. Thanks

No chance.  Lawler was not at that level in Vince's eyes, and in fact, the entire Bret feud was predicated on Lawler being this weasel heel who stood no chance and would get murdered any time Bret actually was allowed to engage in a fair fight with him.  I might have known about Memphis, but most of the WWF audience did not and wouldn't have bought it as a real feud.