Roman Reigns – Character Evolution

Hi Scott,

Long time, second time. Apologies in advance this question does not pertain to Montreal, The Invasion or Lex Luger (take a drink!). Instead, I'm hoping this could be a new subject to beat like a dead horse: Roman Reigns and his current character.

Many of us seem to be of the opinion that his Head Of The Table character from the past 6+ months has been fantastic and he's finally evolved into a true Main Event Player who can carry a show as the focal point. Further, he's been so great in this new role, that while I appreciate his effort and love what he's doing, I WANT to boo him & see him get his comeuppance eventually. Not for a long while, but eventually. He's treading that fine line between being a Grade A+ asshole and not becoming the cool entertaining heel who people will just cheer, even if that's the ultimate goal.

So the question is: without the years of failed babyface pushes, lame smiling dork antics, and Sufferin' Succotash bullshit, could he have ever really evolved into this character? Part of what makes his Head Of The Table villain so satisfying for me is sufferin' as a fan through years of WWE screwing him up, only to have him finally hit it out of the park like this. If he tried this character 3-4 years ago, do you think it could/would have been as effective and objectively awesome?

Or am I completely over-thinking this, and the better option would have been WWE not screwing him up at all, strapping the rocket to him for real in 2015/2016, and making him the top ass-kicking merch-shilling face? By now, we would have all probably just accepted it. #LOLRomanWins
The problem was never that he won too much, it’s that he didn’t win ENOUGH.  They never really strapped the rocket to him, and would have him get to a certain level and then do a job, but then try to keep portraying him as the Big Dog or whatever even while he was going 50/50 with someone.  Fans will accept someone being shoved down their throats just fine, as long as you back it up in the booking.  If you want him to wreck the entire upper card and superman punch Jesus on the way to the World title, then DO IT.  Look at how fucking over the stupid Fiend got with that strategy and they didn’t believe in him 10% as much as they believed in Roman.