Montreal… Sorry

I know the “was it a work” & “what if it never happened” angles of the Montreal Screen on have been debated to death, but my mind got wandering about a different part…

…let's say Bret & HBK are cool (enough) with each other and Bret is willing to put him over. What do you think the booked finish ends up being?

Clean HBK win via a Superkick Outta Nowhere deal?

Distraction or cheap finish?

Something like Bret has match won & gets laid out by interfering HHH?

Or do they do a variant on the finish we got, where HBK puts a Sharpshooter on and wins cuz Bret is unconscious or screwy ref stuff?

I think he’d have lost via HHH screwing him over with the ref out, and then put over HHH at the December show on the way out.