What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 24, 1995

Joey Styles calls the action on this episode, which continues to come from The South Philly Jam.

Opening Three-Way Dance Contest for the ECW Tag Team Championship:  The Public Enemy (6-3) defeat Raven & Stevie Richards (Champions) (5-2) and the Gangstas (2-1) when Johnny Grunge pins Richards after Rocco Rock puts Richards through table tables with a moonsault at 6:12 shown:

Other Elimination:  The Gangstas are eliminated when Rocco Rock pins New Jack with a schoolboy roll up at 5:14 shown

As explained before, this match was cobbled together after ECW failed to get the proper permits to have the Enemy and Gangstas face off in a street fight outside the ECW Arena.  Raven and Richards take their time showing up, a shrewd move since this is an elimination match.  The Enemy take a beating because they are the crowd favorite.  New Jack stun guns Grunge, but Rock traps him with a schoolboy roll up, a move that has been a deadly finisher in the feud between the two teams, and that gets the Enemy alone with the champions.  Things are quickly cut to the finish as the Enemy put Richards atop two tables and light the one beneath him on fire.  Rock then moonsaults off a chair positioned on top of a table in the corner to give the Enemy the ECW Tag Team Championship for the fourth time.  The quick cutting of the match was probably covering for a lot of poor spots or action but judged on the six minutes that was shown it was fine.  Rating:  **

After the match, fans run into the ring to celebrate with he Enemy.  Grunge intelligently gets rid of the table on top of the corner turnbuckles so a fan does fly off of it and hurt themselves.

Stevie Richards hypes a “raggedy ass ho match” against Johnny Grunge at the ECW Arena this Saturday where the loser will have to wear a dress.  Jason drops in, with Richards complimenting his suit, and Jason hilariously comments on how Richards wears his shorts in “a most masculine way.”  Jason asks Richards what kind of dress the loser is going to wear and when Richards has no idea, Jason asks if he can wear the dress if Richards loses.  Richards agrees.  During all of this, Styles itches, uncomfortable with Jason’s apparent cross-dressing tendencies.

Grunge cuts a rebuttal promo where he promises to treat Richards like a convict he was locked up with in prison several years ago.  Rocco Rock comes in and criticizes him for not being able to say “transexual” correctly.

Jason shows off a dress for Richards and they make fun of Grunge’s weight, wondering how he might ever fit into it.

Styles comments on how 2 Cold Scorpio is going to wrestle Rocco Rock on Saturday in a match where Scorpio will defend the Television Championship against Rock’s tag team title.  A video package highlights how Rock put Scorpio through several tables off the top of a cage at Gangstas Paradise and Rock put Scorpio through a flaming table in Chicago last Saturday.  Scorpio confronts the Public Enemy backstage, taking issue with Rock’s “flyboy” nickname.

Jason shows off another dress to Richards, but Richards does not like it because Grunge’s cleavage would hang out of it too much.

Before the next match, Steve Austin interrupts and runs down the Sandman as a disgrace to wrestling.  Austin says he looks forward to recovering in six weeks so he can wrestle the Sandman.  When he changes his mind and says he wants to wrestle the Sandman now, the Sandman cracks a Singapore cane over his head.  The Sandman uses the opportunity to run down WCW, but the crowd does not dig it as much as one would expect.  When Austin gets up and tackles the Sandman, ECW talent flood into the ring to separate them.  This leads to a fight between the Sandman and Konnan and the talent are not sure how to get Austin and Konnan out of the ring so the title match between the Sandman and Whipwreck can begin.  They manage to drag Austin backstage while Konnan punches Chubby Dudley and Buh Buh Ray Dudley before walking to the back on his own accord.

ECW Championship Match:  The Sandman (Champion w/Woman) (11-6) beat Mikey Whipwreck (8-5) after a guillotine leg drop from the top of a ladder at 8:33 shown:

Entrances, ring introductions, and the Austin appearance mean that it takes forever for the match to get going.  Whipwreck tries to surprise the Sandman with a flying hurricanrana but that fails to get the pinfall and after a commercial break the two brawl on the floor for a long time.  That gives the Sandman an advantage until Austin returns with a ladder in tow.  Austin hits the champion with it and a new toy is inserted into the match.  Fans in the front row almost get hit with the ladder on multiple occasions as the participants do not take heed of where it is falling or when they rear back to use in on the floor.  The Sandman wins the battle over the ladder to prevail, but Styles notes that Whipwreck is getting closer to beating the Sandman.  The use of the ladder also served to setup a ladder match between these two at the next ECW Arena show.  Rating:  **½

After the match, the Sandman takes out referee Jim Molineaux and beats him up with the ladder.

Lance Wright says that the Sandman and Whipwreck will face off for the ECW Championship this Saturday at the ECW Arena where a ladder will be used as a weapon.  He notes that if Whipwreck wins the match he will be ECW’s first triple crown winner.

ECW Champion The Sandman tells Whipwreck that he is the King of Extreme and he has yet to pull out all of the stops when they have faced off.  Woman says that she loves the ECW title and will make sure Whipwreck does not get it.

J.T. Smith talks with Styles, promising not to mess up in his next appearance at the ECW Arena.  He accidentally hits Styles because he gets so excited.

A promo montage revisits the debut of Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Tommy Dreamer promises a show that is too extreme for Terry Funk and he will draw the hardcore back out of Cactus Jack, Jack says Funk’s appearance will backfire on Dreamer because Funk makes Jack do things he does not want to do, Funk tells Jack that he is coming back, Tod Gordon tells Bill Alfonso that he is proud to be affiliated with ECW, Mikey Whipwreck vows to take the Sandman to the extreme, clips of Rey Misterio, Jr. and Psicosis’ last match, Konnan putting over Mexican superstars going hardcore on October 28, Jason and Stevie Richards continue to talk dresses, and Raven tells Dreamer that he is putting Jack through unnecessary anguish and Jack will annihilate him this Saturday in the ECW Arena.  Jack finds comfort in hugging Raven at the end of the segment.

The Last Word:  The goal of this show was to hype the next ECW Arena card and it did that well, especially with the promo montage at the end.  The show was not on the same level as prior editions of Hardcore TV since there was a lot of uninspired filler before the two matches.  Still, those matches were worth watching for hardcore wrestling fanatics, so ECW’s streak of serviceable programming continues.

Over the weekend, ECW ran two shows in the Philadelphia area.  Its ECW Arena card functioned more as a television taping and since it did not have a name, it will not factor into win-loss records unless the matches air on Hardcore TV.  The results of these two shows were provided courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania – The Big Apple Dinner Theatre – October 27, 1995 (250):  Buh Buh Ray Dudley pinned Axl Rotten…The Eliminators beat Hack Myers & El Puerto Ricano…Dances with Dudley beat J.T. Smith via count out…Stevie Richards pinned Mikey Whipwreck…Raven beat Tommy Dreamer in a falls count anywhere match…Cactus Jack wrestled Konnan to a no-contest at 3:52…ECW Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy beat the Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The ECW Arena – October 28, 1995 (1,150):  Axl Rotten pinned Dudley Dudley…The Pitbulls defeated Tony Stetson & Don E. Allen…The Eliminators beat Taz & Rick Steiner…Rey Misterio, Jr. & Konnan beat Psicosis & La Parka via count out…Johnny Grunge beat Stevie Richards in a “raggedy ass ho match”…Mikey Whipwreck pinned ECW Champion the Sandman to win the title…J.T. Smith pinned El Puerto Ricano…Hack Myers pinned Dances with Dudley…Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio beat Rocco Rock to win the ECW Tag Team Championship at 24:54…Tommy Dreamer beat Cactus Jack.

Backstage News*:  There was a panic at the end of the recent ECW Arena card when Terry Funk was hit with a kerosene-soaked cloth and the cloth ended up in the first row.  Reports suggest that a fan at ringside and the ring caught on fire and then the lights went out for a planned spot where Raven would crucify Tommy Dreamer.  When the lights went out that triggered a panic as fans wanted to get out of the arena and some were badly coughing from the blaze and the use of fire extinguishers by security personnel.  Some fans also suffered injuries after being hit with chairs.  To make matters worse, several cars were vandalized in the parking lot and one was stolen.  The next day the ECW fan base was divided as some said they would never attend another show and others thought it was a great way to finish the event.  Backstage reports are that Terry Funk was incensed and destroyed the dressing room.  After he calmed down he apologized to others and requested to wrestle at November to Remember in order to get fans back into the ECW Arena.  For his part, ECW owner Paul Heyman is promising that fire will no longer be used as a prop.

*2 Cold Scorpio was on the receiving end of racial taunts at the ECW Arena as fans chanted for Virgil, Zeus, the Junkyard Dog, and other black wrestlers while he wrestled Rocco Rock.

*The reason that Rick Steiner worked with Taz against the Eliminators at the ECW Arena was that his brother Scott missed the show with a stomach flu.

*Steve Austin is expected to make his in-ring debut at November 2 Remember.

*In talent relation news, Missy Hyatt might be used in early December to give Bill Alfonso an ally in his feud against Tod Gordon.  Canadian talent Chris Jericho might be coming in as well to face Konnan at November to Remember.

*Backstage news is sourced from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for November 6.

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