No bulging Rumble mailbag?

Hi Scott

Day after the Rumble you're usually firing off the emails. Oddly quiet this year… Is that a good thing? People are generally ok with the results?

Edge winning is a bit meh for me but I suppose Covid really hampered them. It was mainly odd in that there doesn't seem to be a ready made Main Event match for him to walk into or anything to really excite.

I suppose it's better than a fanbase up in arms again. For them. You want that traffic baby.

Just an observation I've made, hope you're well.

There hadn’t been any emails about the show all day aside from the one about Bad Bunny.  No news is good news?  I dunno, the rant is doing good numbers.  Disqus raised their monthly rate to $13 so f--- them, but other than that all is well.