Kevin Owens Superior, Roman Reigns Inferior

Why the hell is Kevin Owens being jobbed out like crazy to Roman Reigns, who has done nothing of value and who's current heel turn just as well might as well be the equivalent of Malibu Stacy with a brand new PVC pet (in this case Paul Heyman, who at this point has wiped out his legacy to the point that it's hard to imagine him as the same firebrand villain who fought Sting and Jim Cornette in the late 80s and 90s with the Dangerous Alliance and “New” Midnight Express.

You'd think they would FINALLY make Roman do something of value for the company in exchange for a heel turn as far as using him to push Kevin Owens over the top as a top face. God knows Owens isn't perfect but he has charisma, history with Sami Zayn that could make for a decent top level feud, AND isn't Drew ratings killer McIntyre. 

And given the pathetic nature of the WWE upper card, you'd think Vince would want to shore things up on Smackdown, as far as creating a top face to carry it especially given that he's already scraping the bottom of the barrel shoving McIntyre down our throats. Fans care about Owens, so why turn him into yet another victim of “getting the unlikable Roman Reigns over” machine?

Jesse Baker 

I’m impressed that you were able to concoct a take so epically bad in one post that the bar has now been set for the rest of the year.  Bravo. 

Roman Reigns is objectively awesome and is currently carrying Smackdown on his broad tattooed shoulders because he’s literally the only person who can draw ratings right now.  That’s kind of important to Fox.  He also Superman punched goddamn cancer.  I have no idea why you would disrespect this man.