Re. “One more thing about the Megapowers”

Hello yet again,

This blog post reminds me that Princess had an interesting point way back when where she posited that the match layout was ass-backwards because Savage basically gave Hogan nothing all match.  Her argument was that fans are
paying to see Hogan kick Savage's ass, not watch Savage control most of it with Hogan only getting brief token bits of offense.  Would things have worked out better on that front if it was perhaps laid out more the way the Hogan/Slaughter match at WMVII went,
with Savage bumping around the ring for the first five minutes to sate the (PPV/closed circuit, not the apathetic casino crowd) audience's blood lust, then Savage takes over for the long heat segment (with Hogan getting more colour on the blade job hopefully)?
  My own fantasy-booking is that Hogan still wins clean for the satisfying payoff, but it comes off as a much closer call.  And maybe not kill his finisher while we're at it.  That way, when they run the rematches, there's the thinking that this time, Savage
will get the breaks he didn't get at WMV, thus keeping the heat on the feud even longer than they did.  Just spit-balling here.

As for your point about Savage being out for blood, maybe all his stalling tactics at the start weren't appropriate for a character who was supposed to be consumed with vicious hatred for his opponent?

They sold, and kept selling tickets with what they did, so I understand why they would have been loathe to change their strategy, but there were ways to still do the Hogan formula and make Princess happier with the match,

Indeed.  Savage should have been far more, pardon the pun, Savage.  And yeah Hulk can screw off with kicking out of the elbow.  Macho should have dropped it and then PICKED HIM UP AT TWO.