“I Own You” Angles

So remembering the SNME match between Hercules and and DiBiase and their “slave” angle, and win Chuck Taylor being a butler for Miro and Sabian, it’s reinforcing another thing about how damn good Roman’s run has been.  His “I own you” bit with Jey Uso actually works, and seems to work BECAUSE they are either ignoring, or at least playing a LOOONG game, with Jey fighting his way from underneath.

Crying Big Show, Broke Shawn Michaels, Nexus Cena – I cant think of a single “I now control your every action” storyline that ever had a gripping payoff.

So question would be;

1) Is there a “manservant” storyline that actually worked that I’m just forgetting about?  Not a “valet gets away from an awful wrestler (ala Elizabeth or Diamond Doll), but one similar to the ones noted above?

2) Do you think they fail because they’re too obvious, or just poorly plotted?

Thanks Scott!

The Shawn Michaels one was fine, I just didn’t buy the setup or backstory at all.  But the payoff was good.