Hogan-Savage at Summerslam 89

While I agree with you that the Hogan-Savage WM5 match is underwhelming, in all honesty, that was probably the best match they could have had considering they couldn't really cut loose. Not only because of the comatose Trump Plaza crowd, but also I imagine Vince wouldn't have really wanted a wild, chaotic brawl to close out his biggest show where they get the most mainstream exposure. It's kind of a surprise Hogan bladed in that match.

Now, Summerslam '89… There's a missed opportunity to have that wild, chaotic brawl. Hot crowd, venue WWF knows well and knows how to play to, PPV more for the regular everyday fans whereas WM is more for the casuals. Let's say after WM5, on the syndicated shows, Savage calls out Hogan at every opportunity for a rematch, Hogan does the “that doesn't work for me, brother” line, Savage loses his mind, attacks Hogan on the Brother Love show, injures Beefcake and puts him on the shelf, maybe even have Savage steal the belt and declare himself the real champ, wearing the belt and taunting Hogan with it all summer long…

FINALLY Hogan snaps and agrees to a steel cage match, winner-take-all at Summerslam at the Meadowlands. Then let them cut loose in that match. Sounds better than the goofy (and implausible) stuff we got with Zeus. I know Summerslam had the “super teams” gimmick back then, but Hogan-Savage 2: Rage in the Cage (say that in Vince's throat-shredding voice) would have been a far better main event.
Ah, nothing like a good belt stealing angle.  I think we needed another show in between WM and Summerslam for this idea, to be honest.