Should WWE split up the 2 Royal Rumble matches?

I am admittedly not watching weekly WWE TV, but I'm still a wrestling fan who likes the Royal Rumble. These days, it doesnt feel like they can build up good stories for one of the Rumbles, much less two. 

And as you go through the Rumble shows, the recent ones have been so long because there are two matches guaranteed to go about an hour. It also means one of them, usually the women, get overshadowed every year. 

So do you think WWE would be better served running the 2 Rumbles on different nights? Keep the men's Rumble in its same spot, but do the women's Rumble either on TV (people might watch Raw!) or have it headline the Feb PPV. 

They should 100 percent split them up and give the women’s Rumble it’s own PPV main event slot.