Time Off

Hey Scott,

I just read an interesting interview with Sasha Banks where she says her body feels better than ever and she’s having her best matches since she’s only wrestling one day a week and sleeps home every night.

My questions are as follows:

1) Are all WWE (and AEW for that matter) wrestlers just chilling home 6 days a week with the exception of PPVs?

2) Are they still getting paid the same if so?

3) How many more wrestlers from the 80s and 90s would still be alive today if they had this schedule back in the day provided the company could survive without house shows then?

1.  That seems to be the case, yup.
2.  We don't know, honestly.  WWE guys make a downside guarantee so they're making that for sure, but in the digital streaming era god only knows what Vince pays for “bonuses” and such.  That's why taking away everyone's Twitch and YouTube revenue was such a kick in the crotch to everyone.  
3.  A good percentage, I'd say.  Painkillers + Booze was a deadly combination for people who had to self-medicate without health insurance.