AEW/Impact Endgame

Hey Scott–

I'm reading the results of Hard to Kill in the Observer (because HAHAHAHAHAHAno I did not spend money on an Impact PPV) and I'm scratching my head about where this AEW/Impact partnership is going.

Granted, Kenny Omega and Don Callis' douche heel routine is more entertaining than Kenny as a bland, vague babyface, but not only did the AEW guys go over the Impact guys in the main event, Private Party (more AEW guys) went over more Impact guys to become top challengers for the tag belts of a different promotion.

I get that Impact agreed to this in order to gain access to AEW's larger audience, but between the match results and Tony Kahn getting to “buy advertising” on Impact every week and bury the product, this thing is starting to smell like WCW/nWo. And guess who WCW is? The only Impact talent that gets to shine is Gallows and Anderson, who just happened to be a part of the best match at WrestleMania.

We're almost two months in, AEW's audience hasn't grown, and it isn't making anyone tune in to Impact (I noticed your reviews of the show disappeared) 

So… WTF?

Maybe the Impact guys are justifying it to themselves with the “Any publicity is good publicity” defense?  I'm not sure, but personally I just couldn't get into the Impact show for the couple of weeks that I was watching it.  The empty arena stuff just kills me now.  Apparently the AXS show has been doing better since the AEW “invasion” started, so if so, then good for them.