What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 17, 1995

Beulah McGillicutty tells fans that mail is pouring into her box and that the size of her segment does not matter but how it is used.  A video package showcases her past appearances at the ECW Arena.

The Extreme Encyclopedia segment returns, hyping Rey Misterio, Jr. and Psicosis in Spanish.

Buh Buh Ray Dudley makes his debut, stuttering through a promo with Dudley Dudley, Dances with Dudley, Big Dick Dudley, and Sign Guy Dudley.

Best-of-Three Falls Match:  Psicosis (0-1) beats Rey Misterio, Jr. (1-0) after winning the third fall with a flying twisting senton splash on a chair at 12:13:

Previous falls:  Misterio wins the first fall with a hurricanrana at 1:19; Psicosis wins the second fall with a Tombstone piledriver at 6:34

Misterio spends the beginning of the match flying all over the place, sending the crowd into a frenzy when his dives send Psicosis into the crowd – setting up the first fall – and he delivers a flying hurricanrana on the arena floor.  The problem with that last spot is it leaves Psicosis less for wear than it should as he comes back into the ring and takes control.  Misterio’s acrobatics work against him in the second fall, where Psicosis catches him when he tries a springboard moonsault and spikes him with a Tombstone.  The battle goes hardcore in the third fall, with Misterio using a chair to beat on his foe and then wrapping it around Psicosis’ neck so he can ram him into the ring post several times.  However, Psicosis kicks out of a flying hurricanrana and goes on to put Misterio through a table with a flying senton bomb on the arena floor.  After that, Misterio is dead to rights but Psicosis still finishes it with style to even the feud at one victory each.  This match was a crazy spotfest, but the combatants hit all of those spots.  It also featured great variety as Misterio used his acrobatics to win the first fall, Psicosis used his power to win the second, and then Psicosis was able to better harness the hardcore wrestling style to win the decisive fall.  And again, for a lot of American wrestling fans the moves and style of this match was something from another planet in 1995.  Rating:  ****¼

Call the ECW Hotline to find out why Bill Watts was fired by the WWF!

Joey Styles says that the outdoor match between the Public Enemy and the Gangstas was not allowed to happen on October 7 because of Philadelphia officials.  As a result, ECW ordered a three-way dance for the ECW Tag Team Championship between the Enemy, the Gangstas, and the winners of the Pitbulls-Raven & Stevie Richards tag team title match earlier in the evening.

ECW Tag Team Championship Match with Bill Alfonso and Tod Gordon as dual referees and Big Dick Dudley and 911 as lumberjacks:  Raven & Stevie Richards (4-2) defeat the Pitbulls (Champions w/Francine) (5-6) when Raven pins Pitbull #2 after Cactus Jack interferes to win the titles at 2:28 shown:

As reported earlier, Pitbull #1 was wrestling the match with a tricep injury, so he does a stretcher job early in the match and that forces Pitbull #2 to wrestle by himself.  The match is clipped a lot to show the Dudley Brothers fight with 911 and Raven elbow drop Pitbull #2 through a table.  Then, when Gordon and Raven argue, Jack runs in and gives Pitbull #2 a double-arm DDT on a chair, allowing Raven and Richards to regain the titles.

After the match, Alfonso tells Gordon he can barely count to three and with Richards help, he beats up Gordon and busts him open.

Styles says that the three-way dance for the ECW Tag Team Championship will air on next week’s show.  Also, he says next week’s episode will review why the Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck’s next match at the ECW Arena will be a ladder match.

The opening moments of the three-way dance air, with the Gangstas attacking the Public Enemy in the early stages of their entrance.

In a promo montage, ECW Champion the Sandman and Woman tell Mikey Whipwreck that he can try to climb the ladder to greatness but will fall when he tries.  Taz talks about how Lou Thesz gave him advice about Jason, while Alfonso and Gordon mince words about how much they hate each other.  Gordon promises to be vengeful on Alfonso because he makes the matches in ECW.  Alfonso says he will be in ECW until the promotion closes down.  Cactus Jack talks about how nothing pleases him more than bad matches that will steal ECW’s money.  He adds that ECW cannot get rid of him because he is a former national talent and television executives know who he is, which is something the Public Enemy and Tommy Dreamer cannot say for themselves.  And Tommy Dreamer closes by saying that Jack is going to feel his pain.

The Last Word:  The hits keep coming from Hardcore TV, which by this stage in 1995 was arguably the best wrestling program on television.  Rey Misterio, Jr.-Psicosis was worth staying up at night to watch this program alone, but the promo montage at the end was just as effective at putting over the promotion’s big angles and storylines.

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