Stampede Wrestling – December 1, 1989

Let’s go with some more Stampede, this episode towards the end of the run, but with some interesting characters in it, some you might recognise and some you might not.

Konnan the Great vs. Jason Anderson

Yes, it’s K-Dog, not long out of his rookie year, FUCKING JACKED, still masked. Jason Anderson was one of the Blackhearts at one point also worked as Jason Neidhart. The Archangel (a masked Curtis “Firebreaker Chip” Thompson) is out to scout and gets into a bit of a row with Konnan. K-Dog is much more into the lucha libre style and mat wrestling at this point in his career than the lazy shit he’d be doing in the nWo a decade later. Anderson gets frustrated and plays up to the crowd on the outside. Back in, Konnan hits him with a flying clothesline, side suplex and flying flip. He gets a 1989 equivalent of a muscle buster and makes Anderson submit to the Zip Lock (the move he used in his WCW debut against Psicosis where he traps the guy’s hands in an Indian deathlock and then does a double bicep pose in a standing position). Decent debut for K-Dog, although he always has time to make people get tired of him.

Interview: Pete Montana, who I have nothing but has a pretty decent voice and isn’t too sloppy, talks to Konnan after the match. He’s willing to put his mask on the line against Archangel’s and his LAWA title on the line against Larry Cameron’s North American title. Don’t get yourself too busy, Charles.

Interview: Jim Davies talks to Bob Emery, a former WWF/NWA jobber. Bob looks good, sounds terrible, stuttering and repeating himself. He’s looking forward to challenging Larry Cameron: “I don’t know anything about him, but I’m looking forward to challenging him.” That’s alright, then(!).

Interview: Pete Montana interviews a heavy-breathing Steve DiSalvo (sign of a match being edited out) in the ring, with Steve a babyface with a really bad short haircut and brace on his arm. He’s going to put the Archangel in a body bag. So, not that much of a babyface. Bear in mind he said that pretty calmly too. Psycho!

Interview: Jim Davies talks to Lethal Larry Cameron, one of my favourites from my early fan days of watching German shows on Eurosport. He got a one taping run in WCW, which is a shame because he had a great look and wasn’t a bad wrestler. For his promo style, imagine Teddy Long on massive amounts of steroids. He talks about all the people he’s put away and how anyone who challenges him is next. “Once, you had a taste of paradise. Living on Earth, it could be just as cold as ice.” I think I get what he means!

Johnny Smith and the Archangel vs. Biff Wellington and Chris Benoit

Joined in progress with Wellington getting the better of Smith. Benoit and Archangel tag in, which is a destruction job squash match I would’ve loved to have seen if they were both in WCW. Archangel blocks a sunset flip with a punch, but Benoit kips up and clotheslines him out of the ring. The Dynamite Kid body language is especially evident at this point. Archangel is comforted by Abu Wizal and Miss Honey, who has big hair and a hot arse. Break at ten minutes in, with the match resumed with Biff, the legal man, getting worked over on the outside. Johnny goes to suplex him back in but Biff gets two on a sunset flip. He snaps a DDT off as well to make his way towards Chris for a tag. Benoit takes care of both heels on the hot tag. Backbreaker for two on Johnny. Archangel comes in and goes for a powerslam, but Benoit slips behind for a sleeper. Dropkick sets up a Sharpshooter, but Smith hits him pretty hard, presumably with a foreign object, to allow him to be pinned. Was alright, nothing too special.

Interview: Chris is frustrated and sounds like he’s got a mouthful of feathers. Biff, who sounds like a reserved Dino Bravo, extends a challenge to the champs.

Interview: Jim Davies talks to Johnny Smith, the Archangel and the managers. Johnny does an American promo with his somewhat whiny Lancashire accent. Archangel has a great body as always, but sounds like a hick.

Lethal Larry Cameron vs. Bob Emery

Looks like Emery gets to find out who the Lethal One is sooner rather than later. Joined in progress with Emery holding an armbar, but he misses a crossbody and takes a bulldog and suplex from Cameron. He holds a chinlock on Emery for a bit, then gets a flying tackle on him. Ron Simmons-like powerslam gets two. Even the pin attempt is very Simmons-like. He goes to finish with his pancake piledriver, but Bob backdrops out. Clumsy clothesline to the outside shows why Emery was on job duty. He also goes out, leading to a lethargic duel and double count out.

Interview: Pete talks to Bob – “Absolutely incredible!”. Which match were you watching, Pete? Bob repeats all of the same points from the earlier interview about being a replacement for DJ Peterson and wrestling everywhere in the States “from North to East, from South to West”. He wants a rematch for the title. Let’s take a short poll… no.

Interview: JD talks to Larry. He’s got the cool thing of speaking in the third person, but mixes up the letters in DJ Peterson’s name. Jim loses his train of thought momentarily asking him a question. Larry catches a bit of that too, so just finishes with a “Woooo!”.

Great Gama Singh vs. Bruce Hart

The last match was billed as the main event, so I don’t know if this was added on. Joined twenty minutes in, as Ross Hart joins commentary as Gama applies the Cobra Clutch while Jonathan Holliday mugs for the camera at ringside. The Weasel gets on the apron, so Bruce runs Gama into him to break the hold and gets the hooking clothesline, but KY Wakamatsu gets Gama’s leg on the ropes to break the pin. Gama gets a neckbreaker for two but is unsuccessful in nailing a piledriver, so the heel managers pull the ropes down when Bruce heads for them, disqualifying Gama, but he still keeps the title.

Interview: Pete talks about watching Great Gama tapes with Bruce the day before for three and a half hours. Boy, they know how to have fun(!). Bruce cuts an embittered promo afterwards, ignoring any logic as to why he isn’t the champion. And you thought Bret had issues! We then get a silent, slo-mo replay with subtitled commentary on it, like a wrestling version of the Zapruder Film.

Interview: Jim talks to Gama, The Commonwealth title is staying with him, but Bruce barges in and asks for about fifteen different stipulations: a cage match; a lumberjack match; managers barred from ringside. That just makes some of those redundant. Gama and his managers run off. Jim signs off and wishes well to Ed Whalen.

The Bottom Line: Not up to yesterday’s standards, but at least you’ve got a young luchador Konnan and Benoit doing his Tom Billington impersonation. Back on the weekend with some more, with the plan of having the Bulldogs, Jason, and other familiar faces on the roster.