Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Another day, another billion-dollar deal for the WWE. It happens.

Plenty of discussion on that from multiple threads and there will surely be more tonight as people digest what it means. For me it means paying $5/month instead of $10 so I’ll probably just use the $60 I save annually on holiday pajamas. Tom Brady continues to haunt my world and now he’s legitimately way too close to home. But on the plus side Conor McGregor got knocked out.

RAW is tonight. They are going to wheel out Goldberg again hoping that we care. And Alexa Bliss is being booked like a monster again for some reason and gets a shot at ASUKA. The most interesting thing for me is Matt Riddle trying to fight the Hurt Business gauntlet to earn a U.S. Title shot. There’s potential for a decent match or two in there.

And now some Rumble Final Fours of the past.

Keep it Clean!