Titan Series


Not sure if you’ve read the Titan Sinking, Titan Shattered, and Titan Screwed series. Really good detailed stuff there.

I have some questions on them for you or anyone that did.

1) After detailing every PPV, why was IYH: Best Friends Better Enemies with the HBK/Diesel MOTY completely ignored?

2) Did everyone in the locker room really call each other Motherfucker back then?

3) Are there any more books written or planned to be written discussing what happened after 1997?

Yes I was pretty involved with them and I’ve definitely read all three.  Justin Henry would be the guy hanging out here with the answers, although I can say that chances of a fourth are probably not good with James Dixon having moved onto other endeavours.  Justin and I had talked about doing something similar on Jim Crockett Promotions and I had an awesome title and everything, but timing didn’t work out.