Double JJ scenario

Hey Scott,

Listening to a few Jim Cornette podcasts, and the guy clearly wishes it was 1989. But he told a story about JJ’s contract expiring and he held up the WWF for $200K to drop the belt to Chyna on a PPV in ‘99.

I realize wrestling had probably left Cornette behind even then, and for sure it has now, but if some wrestler pulled that stunt today would the WWE just bag the belt, wave goodbye then spin the story their way on air? With all the content across so many platforms most fans would probably dismiss it as old news the next day. Especially a “Jarrett-level” guy.


Wouldn’t even be an issue today.  Guys don’t get to keep the belts anymore for EXACTLY this kind of reason and as noted, they don’t have any leverage in negotiating anymore.  They’d just strip him of the belt and bury him on the PPV.