The 3 and a quarter Stars Newsletter.

Hi again,
it's me the 
Newsmaster with
another round of ''rumors'' in the world of ''wrestling''.

But first a quick thank you to Scott Keith, Mordwa,
Pencil Neck Geek, Everyone is a hypocrite, Big D 
Wangston and
all the others for the comments in my last email. Love to read the commentary
. And
congrats on James Fabiano, of course Russo would have show up for the cause.

Now after the recent events, Aew will
not sign Donald Trump, so 
I'll never
get the second month script. Sorry folks, but like a wrestling card
, I'm subject
to change. Now what don't change, it's the spreading disease, of false rumors on the internet. So let's start 

The quarter:
A legend Battle royale is schedule to take place and the winner will get a full year of podcast with Mr. Conrad Thompson.

Mme. Dixie Carter his still the favorite to win it. And then will bring the ''Podfather of
wrestling'' and his crew down like Impact with her show ''With 
whom I did
it'' and there will be watch along from her own 
personal collection.
Others are suggesting ''The Immortal'' Hulk Hogan with the podcast The ''Huckster'' Truth, a look at all the rivalries and incidents in and out of the ring, from Hulk Hogan point of view versus Mr.
 Dave Meltzer reporting.

1st Star: There is talk that Fozzy plan
to hold a 
Covidomania show
the same weekend as the other company. For the Main-Event, there will be a battle of the band, between Y2j and Sebastien Bach. Don't worry kids, they will 
just to make it a 
little better.
And Jericho his very excited to present his new song ''Masks are for jackass!'' and get a reprint to sale his up to date t-shirt: ''You Made the List''

2nd Star: There is a
 of a cinematic match at WrestleMania between
a WWE Superstar and a DC Comic 
When ask why with DC, WWE said: Because we feel that their movies can be as shitty as our product, that's a perfect match. And of course you'll be able to buy the remake in 5 years that will 
include news
moves and an alternate ending.

And the
3rd Star: There is a very big rumor that Mr. Bobby 
Lashley and
McFly Kid
are going back to the past at 
WrestleMania 23
to bring up to speed 2007 Bobby 
Lashley about
his ''manager future strategy'' and change the ending of the match getting 
DQ while
an orange
smiley '' 
chair shot heard
around the world folks!'' forcing McMahon to shave this ''mess'' and make sure that he's never seen again.

I don't mind
Mandela effect,
in fact 
I'll go
watch Mania 23 just to be sure.

Take Care

The Newsmaster