NXT UK – January 21, 2021

Date: January 21, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s title night as Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray is defending against Jinny. This is an interesting one as they are both heels, with Ray having held the title for over a year. I’m not sure if I can see Jinny winning the title, but I’m also not sure I can imagine Ray holding it that much longer. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Ray vs. Jinny, which has been built in a hurry.

Opening sequence.

Rampage Brown vs. Dave Mastiff

They go with the power battle to start but Brown can’t shoulder him down. The slugout is on early until Brown nails a dropkick. Back up and Mastiff hits a much bigger dropkick but Brown kicks him in the face to take over again. The chinlock doesn’t last long as Mastiff gets up and sits on Brown’s chest.

The backsplash crushes Brown again and Mastiff headbutts him out of the air. A pumphandle suplex gets two more but Brown hits a hard clothesline for the same. Mastiff nails a German suplex so Brown bails into the corner, where he blocks Into The Void. Brown manages a pretty impressive Doctor Bomb for the pin at 6:32.

Rating: C+. This worked in a few different ways at the same time, with the guys having a nice power match and Brown getting his biggest win so far. Mastiff has been well protected and as a result, the win means something more for Brown. It’s nice to see a promotion building things up like that and doing the right things for a change.

We look at A-Kid losing to Walter last week.

A-Kid says next week will be different.

Kenny Williams tells Amir Jordan that he has gotten him a match with Tyson T-Bone. Jordan isn’t thrilled but goes through with it.

Jack Starz vs. Ilja Dragunov

Feeling out process to start with Dragunov’s wristlock setting up a bunch of flips from Starz. A dropkick sends Dragunov into the corner but he’s right back with a headlock takeover. Some rollups get two each on Dragunov so he double legs Starz down into the headlock. Back up and Dragunov hits a spinning chop but the Torpedo Moscow is cut off with a clothesline. They slug it out with Starz getting the best of it and chopping him in the back. That’s too much for Dragunov, who unloads in the corner to set up a German suplex. Torpedo Moscow to the back sets up a bunch of elbows to draw the referee stoppage at 5:53.

Rating: B-. Who would have thought these two would have a good, competitive match? This one told a nice story as Dragunov still isn’t right after the loss to Walter and then snapped at the idea that someone else could beat him. I could go for a lot more of Dragunov so seeing him in any kind of story is a nice change.

Post match Dragunov snaps back to reality and begs Starz to be ok.

Ben Carter is in action next week.

Sam Gradwell is ready to send Carter back to Jersey.

Tyson T-Bone vs. Amir Jordan

Kenny Williams is here with Jordan. T-Bone hammers away to start and muscles him up for a backbreaker. There’s a fall away slam and some right hands set up some shots to the back. Jordan jawbreaks his way out of a chinlock and hits a dropkick before dodging an elbow. T-Bone gets sent face first into the buckle but sits down on a sunset flip, only to have Jordan roll over to pin T-Bone at 5:01.

Rating: C-. I wouldn’t have bet on that one as Jordan often comes off as the goofy friend rather than anyone of note. T-Bone hasn’t been around in a long time but he still has enough of an aura to him that a win over him seems like it means something. Williams looking so surprised by Jordan winning probably doesn’t bode well for him though.

Xia Brookside doesn’t like Nina Samuels jumping her or dragging the Brookside name through the dirt.

Video on Gallus.

Women’s Title: Kay Lee Ray vs. Jinny

Jinny, with Joseph Conners, is challenging. They go with a hard lockup to start with Ray cranking on the armbar. Jinny knocks her into the corner but Ray is right back out with a dropkick. Ray’s double underhook facebuster gets two but Jinny dropkicks the knee out to sent it outside. Some forearms to the back have Ray in trouble as they go inside again….where the lights on the screen flicker. Can we put a moratorium on that for a bit?

Jinny grabs a surfboard but Ray gets her arms free to grab the rope. Some shots to the head keep Ray in trouble and the chinlock goes on. That’s broken up and they slug it out with Ray getting the better of things. The Koji Clutch has Jinny in big trouble but she kicks out a few seconds later.

Jinny gets in a shot of her own and pounds away but Ray is right back up. The Gory Bomb is broken up by a Conners distraction, followed by a trip to pull Ray down. That’s enough from Conners so the referee tosses him. That’s fine with Conners as he grabs the belt, only to have Jinny miss a shot. Ray grabs the Gory Bomb for the pin to retain at 11:07.

Rating: C. That was kind of a relief as Jinny felt like a challenger of the month with Conners kind of messing up. At the same time though, Jinny seems like someone who could be back for another shot later. It’s nice to see Conners fail in any way shape or form and Ray was wrestling pretty face here so it was certainly eventful.

Overall Rating: C+. They were starting off great this week but then it slowed down near the end. I like the idea of getting the title matches out there when they can and thankfully they haven’t come close to overdoing it yet. Carter is a nice draw for next week and this time we might even see him get a win. Pretty good show here, but it started off looking great.

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