Hogan and Earthquake

A couple questions about the Hogan/Quake feud in 1990:

1) They were running houses post-WMVI but pre-injury angle and weren't doing much business with it.  Was this early program a bit of forward thinking on their part, to create a pre-existing issue between them to set up the Brother Love Show segment?  Or was
the stretcher job added in to juice a foundering feud?  I'm guessing the former since I'm pretty sure that his absence was to film Suburban Commando and they would have known that well before.

2) I have this recollection from the Observer recaps that the feud wasn't quite the box office success that we all thought it was.  Is this correct, or am I misremembering?

1.  Probably the former, I'd say.  Earthquake was clearly getting pushed as the next Hogan monster for a long time beforehand.

2.  It was a big success for a while, although it did cool down significantly by the end as you'd expect.  But during the summer it was on fire.