Team Taz

Hi Scott,

The general consensus is that Taz has been a great signing by AEW, he's been really good on commentary and more importantly, excellent as the mouthpiece for his own stable of talent, Team Taz.

However doesn't there come a point where one member or the collective gets a big win or a title?  It seems every time they appear on Dynamite they are either losing matches or more recently, running from old man Sting.

If the plan is to introduce a trios title I think Team Taz would be ideal candidates for the inaugural champions.  What do you think?

Thanks again.

Team Taz are what would be called the “dog heels” in a Western.  The big villain kidnaps the hero’s wife, his accomplice shoots the lawman, the next guy down slaps around the town pastor.  Then you have the random bad guys left over who are in the movie and have nothing to do, so they kick a dog to get heat.  That’s Team Taz.