PRIME TIME Thursday Thread: January 21, 2021

“Good evening, fans, and welcome to an all-new Prime Time Thursday!  Gorilla Monsoon here alongside Bobby the Brain Heenan, and what a wild week it’s been, Brain.”

“Can you believe a man died on Pay-Per-View and no one’s talking about it?  Of course, it was TNA, nobody watches that; perfect place to cover up a murder.”

“I think you’re a little confused, Brain.  Nevertheless, we are on the road to the Royal Rumble, and as we discovered, it will be the prizefighting everyman Kevin Owens stepping in to take on SmackDown’s heavyweight champion Roman Reigns.”

“All of this was a setup, Monsoon.  Adam Pearce won the match fair and square, and he chickens out.”

“He’s not a wrestler, Brain; can you blame him?  What if you found yourself in that title match, wouldn’t you be nervous?”

“Me?  HA!  Not while I can still bribe the ref.”

“I don’t think that would be wise against the man at the head of the table, Brain.  In addition, Beach Break is coming up in AEW, and we have received word of a huge six-man tag team main event as the reunited Bullet Club takes on PAC and Rey Fenix of the Death Triangle along with Jon Moxley.”

“And at this point, you have to wonder whose side the Young Bucks will be on.  I don’t think they like anyone in the match!  They could cause trouble!”

“Certainly feels like they’re the odd men out in the turf war building between AEW and Impact Wrestling.”

“Maybe they can get Taya to shoot someone again.”

“Will you be serious?”

“Or maybe that karate guy can rip Omega’s heart out!  Things happen, Gorilla!”

“Highly unlikely if you ask me.  Folks, we’re about ready for our feature bout of the evening, as we go across the pond to Glasgow for this triple threat match!  Nikki Cross, Kay Lee Ray, and Piper Niven in a little bit of a flashback!”

“Piper’s in a women’s match?  I knew it!”

“Piper NIVEN!  Different person, Bobby!”

(Bring the insanity.)