What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain Wrestling – October 28, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are handling commentary and they are taped from Harlan, Kentucky.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  The Heavenly Bodies (Champions w/Jim Cornette) (5-1-1) beat the Wolfman & Chris Michaels when Jimmy del Ray pins Michaels after Dr. Tom Prichard uses a loaded boot at 2:29:

The Bodies work over the Wolfman with their creative double team moves for much of the match.  Michaels gets a small hot tag bit before Prichard kicks him in the back with the loaded boot to put the Bodies over.

After replaying the end of last week’s match between Robert Gibson and Mosh, Thatcher interviews the Bodies and Cornette.  Cornette hypes the Bodies double chain match against the THUGS in Johnson City, Tennessee tonight to finish off the Halloween Scream Tour.  Prichard promises to do whatever it takes to beat the THUGS.

Footage of Brad Armstrong issuing an impromptu challenge to Terry Gordy on last week’s program airs.

SMW Championship Match:  Brad Armstrong (Champion w/the Wolfman) (12-1) beats Terry Gordy (w/Jim Cornette) (5-0) with a side Russian leg sweep at 3:30 shown:

This was the main event on last week’s show, but time ran out.  SMW clips the beginning and end of the match together, showing Armstrong avoiding a Gordy blind charge and then using his finisher to mount a successful title defense.  Rating:  *

The closing moments of the “Trick or Treat” tag team match in Knoxville airs.  Gordy won the title after Mosh interfered.

Brad Armstrong (13-1) pins Larry Santo after a side Russian leg sweep at 1:00:

Santo attacks Armstrong after the former SMW titleholder slides into the ring but his advantage is only temporary, losing to a side Russian leg sweep in sixty seconds.

Footage of Buddy Landel costing Tommy Rich another match against Flash Flanagan is shown.

The end of the Landel-Rich chain match in Knoxville airs.  The rules of the match called for the winner to touch all four corners of the ring.  Landel did it first, but referee Mark Curtis was distracted by fighting with Jim Cornette.  That allowed the Punisher to hit Landel with a blackjack and Rich won.  After the bell, Rich, Cornette, and the Punisher beatdown Landel.

Landel joins Kessler for “Kessler’s Korner.”  SMW fans have a present for Landel, but before Landel can open it Cornette, Rich, and the Punisher interrupt.  Rich and the Punisher force Landel to back away from the wrapped gift while Cornette tells Landel that he has made the worst choice of his career by leaving the Militia.  Suddenly, a mini wrestler pops out of the present and attacks Cornette until Rich and the Punisher make the save.

Thatcher talks with Landel, who introduces the mini wrestler as Butch Cassidy.  Landel promises to keep screwing with Cornette’s head, saying that he is getting closer to getting the man he has been calling to come into the promotion to help him.  He finishes by hyping the barbed wire match in Johnson City, Tennessee tonight against Rich, promising a surprise in their match.

Thatcher interviews the THUGS and Robert Gibson.  Gibson says Cornette will not be able to knock him around.  Tracy Smothers promises that the THUGS will get their belts back and take care of Dr. Tom Prichard’s loaded boot.  The Dirty White Boy insults Prichard’s family and promises that blood will flow in Johnson City.  Prichard takes issue with the White Boy’s comments and challenges him to a match, which the White Boy is happy to accept.

The Dirty White Boy (w/Robert Gibson & Tracy Smothers) (7-3) beats Dr. Tom Prichard (w/Jim Cornette & Jimmy del Ray) with a side suplex at 4:10:

These two go back-and-forth before Smothers and del Ray end up fighting on the floor.  When the White Boy appears headed for a win after a big boot, Cornette hops on the apron and referee Mark Curtis is bumped into him.  Prichard tries to use the loaded boot, but the White Boy avoids the blow, lands a side suplex, and Gibson slides into the ring to count the pin.  While the legality of the result can be called into question, Gibson is refereeing the match in Johnson City later tonight so one can figure his referee’s license was already in effect.  Rating:  **

Cornette complains to Thatcher about how all the bad things that have happened to him on the show.  He promises that things will change when Sergeant Rock arrives and says he has a plan to help the Bodies keep the SMW Tag Team Championship in Johnson City.  Butch Cassidy comes out, chases Cornette into the ring, and lays in some blows.  The Punisher saves his manager, but Landel saves Cassidy and the two celebrate for the fans to end the broadcast.

The Last Word:  Giving Brad Armstrong a clean win over Terry Gordy on the broadcast was puzzling as that cuts Gordy’s title reign off at the knees before it gets going.  After all, if Armstrong can slay the monster already then there is nowhere for that feud to go when and if the two face off in a singles match for the belt.  The rest of the show was fine as Landel received an ally to help terrorize Cornette and the main event provided sufficient hype for the tag team title match in Johnson City.

Before the climax of the Halloween Scream Tour in Johnson City, SMW ran the third leg of the event in Cookeville, Tennessee.  Here were the results of that show, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Cookeville, Tennessee – The Community Center – October 27, 1995 (400):  Robert Gibson beat the Punisher via disqualification…Terry Gordy & Thrasher beat the Wolfman & Brad Armstrong…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS in a street fight…Tommy Rich beat Buddy Landel in a first blood match.

The final leg of the tour in Johnson City, Tennessee drew a crowd of 800 fans, more than the end of the Summer Blast Tour in July, but far less than the 1,900 fans who attended Fire on the Mountain in August.  According to prowrestlinghistory.com, the attendance paid a gate of $7,000 and here were the results as a fan did not record the event:

-Chris Michaels (1-1) pinned Mosh (0-2)

-Robert Gibson (3-2-1) beat the Punisher (5-1) via disqualification

-Terry Gordy & Thrasher beat Brad Armstrong & the Wolfman

-SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies (6-1-1) defeated the THUGS (11-4) in a best-of-three falls double chain match when Jimmy del Ray pinned Tracy Smothers when Robert Gibson turned on the THUGS.  Gibson was the special guest referee.

-Buddy Landel (17-13-1) pinned Tommy Rich (6-3) in a barbed wire match

Backstage News*:  In talent relations news, Jim Cornette had hoped to bring Stan Lane in for the November 25 and November 26 Thanksgiving shows in Johnson City and Cookeville, Tennessee but that had to be scrapped.  Lane was going to team with the THUGS against the Heavenly Bodies and Robert Gibson.  Cornette may use a wrestling bear in Lane’s place.

*Backstage news is sourced from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for November 6.

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