What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 10, 1995

Steve Austin cuts his famous promo that denounces his treatment in WCW and puts over how he is now in an environment where no one can hold back his wrestling abilities.  The segment marks the end of the “Stunning Steve” character as Austin promises to reach new heights because no one can stop him any longer.  And what makes this promo so great is Austin would later become one of the most famous wrestlers in history and helped bring down the company that cast him aside.

Amid terrible camera work that keeps shaking, Lance Wright hypes the October 28 ECW Arena show which will feature the Sandman defending the ECW Championship against Mikey Whipwreck in a ladder match.

ECW Champion the Sandman and Woman cut a backstage promo near a ladder.   The Sandman tells Steve Austin that he “is no one’s iron lung” as Austin will not revive his career at his expense.

Taz promises to choke out Jason in the next match and warns 2 Cold Scorpio that he is next.  He also puts over Lou Thesz as his childhood hero.  Taz was still working on his promo skills at this stage of his career.  He was plain and wooden in this segment.

A video package puts over the Eliminators.  They put over how they look forward to locking up with the Steiner Brothers.  John Kronus spends most of the promo laughing.

The Steiner Brothers say that ECW is their new home and they welcome all challengers, including the Eliminators.

Beulah McGillicutty hypes her “Beulah’s Box” segment that is coming soon on Hardcore TV.

Referee Bill Alfonso confronts Taz in the ring due to failing a physical from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission.  Alfonso decides to let the match happen after Jason attacks Taz.

Taz (1-1) beats Jason (0-2) via submission to the Tazmission in 38 seconds:

Jason successfully blocks a Tazplex but is quickly choked out by the Tazzmission, which Joey Styles explains is an illegal judo move.

After the match, Taz tells Styles that he is coming after Scorpio and will choke him out.  Meanwhile, Jason needs smelling salts to revive him.

Jason tells fans that his loss to Taz is not legitimate because he succumbed to an illegal choke.  He also chalks up his loss to a bad car accident and delays the start of the next match between Cactus Jack and El Puerto Ricano.  Jason slaps Ricano twice, causing Ricano to take off his mask and cuss him out.  The two fight, with Ricano laying Jason out with some dropkicks and a springboard plancha.

Before the next match, Cactus Jack tells Ricano that Ricano is better off forfeiting so he can save his career.  Ricano does not take the offer and dropkicks Jack in the back of the head when Jack mirrors Raven’s trademark pose.

Cactus Jack (w/Raven) (5-5) beats El Puerto Ricano with a small package at 4:28:

In true wrestling fashion Ricano is from Ecuador.  Trained by Larry Sharpe, he was doing gigs on the independent circuit before coming to ECW.  In some awesome heel work, Jack refuses to wrestle a hardcore style in keeping with his recent promos against Tommy Dreamer, refusing to drop the Cactus Elbow and working a long headlock.  ECW fans respond to that by doing the wave.  With Jack refusing to engage in much mortal combat, he throws Ricano to the floor where Raven gives the newcomer a DDT, allowing Jack to prevail after Ricano is tossed back into the ring.  In isolation, one would think this match is terrible but the story going into it and the way it played out was great so that deserves one star by itself.  Rating:  *

After the match, Raven urges Jack to beat up Ricano some more so Jack stomps away and delivers a piledriver.  Tommy Dreamer rushes the ring and attacks Jack and Raven.  Dreamer gives Jack a taste of his own medicine with the Cactus Elbow but is then overwhelmed by the heels.  Jack is not fond of Raven DDTing Dreamer and using a chair, refusing to use the chair on Dreamer until Raven insists.  Dreamer takes two DDTs on the chair before Jack wraps his elbow in barbed wire and drops an elbow onto Dreamer’s chest.  Raven then lays Dreamer on top of a table so Jack can drop a barbed wire elbow drop off the second rope and send Dreamer through the structure.  After this, the Pitbulls make the save.

Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio gloats to Styles about being the champion and laughs about Dreamer getting beaten up in the last segment.

Wright says that Tommy Dreamer will face Cactus Jack on October 28 at the ECW Arena and that Dreamer has been on the phone to get backup for the match.  He says he is not keen to hype the match because there is no one that Dreamer can get to protect himself.

Raven and Cactus Jack talk about Dreamer’s condition.  Raven tells Dreamer that Jack needs him for a higher purpose, but Dreamer is not there, just like Dreamer was not there years ago for Raven.  Jack says he had to hurt Dreamer because his earlier words were not getting through.  He also hilariously talks about how he watches WCW’s television programming with the volume down so the “basking rays of their good and moral programming” rein all over him.  The comedy continues as Jack discusses how dreams can be realized in “the magical land of WCW” and how he has seen a “tough Jewish kid from Brooklyn become a black man from Macon,” “an overweight farm kid from Nebraska become an overnight rap star sensation,” and “a kid from New Hampshire become a Frenchman.”  Jack laments that Mikey Whipwreck has had too many concussions to be of long-term use anymore so Dreamer should talk to him before deciding not to bolt for WCW.  He closes by telling Dreamer that he hopes they do not face off on October 28 as Dreamer should wise up.

Dreamer tells Styles that on October 28 he is going to bring Terry Funk to back him up at the ECW Arena when he faces Jack.

The Last Word:  What is awesome about this Tommy Dreamer feud with Raven and Cactus Jack is that ECW can give it almost a half hour of airtime and it does not get old.  Jack delivered yet another awesome promo to continue the story and another Jack-Terry Funk match will likely follow whatever Jack and Dreamer do at the ECW Arena on October 28.  The storyline is an easy sell with ECW fans too, who had a hatred for the family friendly programming WCW offered.

Backstage News*:  The reason for Taz going with a choke as a finisher is to avoid doing suplexes due to his injured neck.

*Several ECW talents are concerned about the financial future of the company, with several calling the WWF and WCW for work.  These concerns are tied in with checks bouncing from the Middletown, New York show last month.

*In talent relations news, the Gangstas have been fired over New Jack’s altercation with Dudley Dudley in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania last week.  ECW might also bring in Lou Thesz to train Taz and be his manager.  Steve Austin has a second meeting scheduled with the WWF so his run in the promotion could end up being shorter than expected.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 23.

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